Dunhill Fine Cut Mild

Rp578.000 /carton

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (20 cigarettes pack), in short, is the best definition of innovation. This product turns the image of Kretek cigarettes into a more modern and likable product.

Now, this product places as one of the top cigarettes in Indonesia. If you never tried Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (16 cigarettes pack) before, you should try it at least once.

Who knows, maybe you will be satisfied by its taste and eventually become the fan of this series.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

Product description

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (20 cigarettes pack) is one of the popular Kretek cigarette products in Indonesia. It brings the new concept in this cigarette category by improving its appearance so it matches with the younger customer. It looks elegant.

The improvement of its taste, thanks to the new 40 cuts/inch formula applied in it, also makes this product become one of the best sales products in Dunhill brand series. A new Kretek with better taste is perfect for you.

In June 2018, Bentoel Group makes a new change or improvement for its Kretek series. Dunhill Kretek was also included in this plan. Then, Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (20 cigarettes pack) was born. This new product offers new looks and a new formula for its taste.

The new looks can be seen from the more elegant and cooler packaging. The Diamond Touch concept was used to improve the packaging.

With the target to widen the market to the younger market, the change of the packaging from the color tone, design and even the shape of the box itself, was made. The result was very satisfying.

Bentoel Group has successfully changed the image of the Kretek series. Before the change, this series was seen as a cigarette for the older customer.

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (20 cigarettes pack) started that change and make it loved by younger people. Moreover, the company also uses “Define Your Style” motto to make it sound and feels much cooler. Perfectly match for the taste of the new market they aim.

However, the older customer and the old fans of Dunhill Kretek series also get what they need from the taste. The 40 cuts formula creates the taste that makes these customers stay and keep their favorite cigarette. In short, this product is a successful product by this company.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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