Dunhill International Blue

Rp582.000 /carton

Dunhill International Blue (Dunhill Blue) is one of the most delicious and unique cigarettes in Indonesia.

Compared to the previous product, this new Fine Cut type cigarette has 40 cuts per inch of tobacco leaves. It gives a strong and distinguished flavor that you, as a smoker, will love to enjoy to smoke it for a very long time.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Dunhill International (Blue) is an upgraded version of the previous product, the Dunhill SPM. In Indonesia, Dunhill is one of the favorite products for the smoker who loves to smoke white type cigarette.

So, this product was also created for that smoker group.

Dunhill International Blue

The other names of Dunhill International (Blue) are Dunhill Fine Cut. It refers to the number of tobacco leaves cut per inch inside the cigarette.

The standard version of this cigarette type only has 20-30 tobacco leaves cut per inch. However, the manufacturer of this product, Bentoel Group, adds more cut. So, this product has 40 cuts per inch.

The international product for the same Dunhill International (Blue) product uses 46 cuts per inch.

However, for the Indonesian market, the manufacturer decides to use only 40 cuts, which produce a perfect taste that smokers in Indonesia like.

The 40 cuts innovation also becomes the first of its kind. There are no other cigarette products from other brands that use this formula. Therefore, we call this product as one of the unique cigarettes in Indonesia because of this formula.

The 40 cuts don’t only make Dunhill International (Blue) looks to stand out. However, it also affects the taste. The tobacco leaves used in this product are the high-grade leaves.

With this formula and this best-quality tobacco, this cigarette produces a stronger taste that you can’t find on other products. That’s not all. The manufacturer also doesn’t use too many chemical ingredients in it to keep the natural taste that this series has.

In short, Dunhill International (Blue) is one of the best SPM cigarette products you can find in Indonesia.

It is not surprising, if this product becomes one of the most popular and favorite cigarettes among smokers, even though the popularity of SPM products isn’t that high in Indonesia.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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