Dunhill International Green

Rp583.000 /carton

Dunhill International Green (Dunhill Green) is a Super Premium cigarette product by Bentoel Group. It uses the unique 40 cuts/inch for the tobacco leaves density, which creates better taste than other cigarettes.

The new size and length of the cigarette make it become one of the most comfortable cigarettes to smoke.

And, combined with the high-quality tobacco, plus it also doesn’t use too many chemical ingredients in its formula, it creates a better and more natural cigarette taste for you to enjoy.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Dunhill International (Green) is also known as the Dunhill Fine Cut International. The “Fine Cut” word here represents the new cutting formula for the tobacco leaves in it.

The standard Bentoel Group product uses 20-30 tobacco leaves cuts per inch. However, this one uses 40 cuts per inch, which creates a stronger yet smoother taste of tobacco. It also makes it different from the standard cigarette product.

Dunhill Green 00

This cigarette has international class quality, as it’s mentioned in its product’s name. It is related to the type of tobacco it’s used, which is Virginia and Oriental tobacco.

The combination of those two types of tobacco leaves creates a super flavor that gives you a great smoking experience.

This combination also makes this cigarette doesn’t have too many tobacco stem cuts in it as well as Recon tobacco. And, it creates a natural taste for this cigarette.

Dunhill International (Green) also uses a different size for its cigarette. The length and diameter of this cigarette have been changed or upgraded than the previous version.

Dunhill Green 05

Thus, it makes this cigarette enter the Super Premium class cigarette. This new cigarette’s size has many advantages, for example, you will get more area to suck, which gives you a much richer flavor to enjoy compared to a standard cigarette.

As you can see, Bentoel Group focuses on the innovation factor when they made this cigarette. It has many new things inside.

It also becomes the main selling point that attracts more people to try and enjoy it. And, it got many great responses from the customer.

This product is an upgraded version of the standard cigarette by Bentoel Group. So, you can expect a much better taste and experience in smoking this cigarette.

Moreover, with the international standard, this cigarette is a worthy product to get for a smoker.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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