Dunhill International Red

$40,56 /carton

Dunhill International Red (Dunhill Red) is one of the premium class cigarette products from Bentoel Group. As the upgrade of the standard cigarette, this product offers the international flavor.

It uses the different cuts of tobacco leaves, and new upgrades on the cigarette filter and its seal. In short, this whole new upgrade product offers a better taste.You should try it if you want to know its taste.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

There is a reason why Dunhill International (Red) was given that name. Dunhill International (Red) is one of the upgrade versions of the standard SPM cigarette by Bentoel Group.

The “International” word in it represents the international blend that they use to create this fine product.

Using this kind of formula, it gives it a different place than the standard white cigarette from this manufacturer.

Dunhill Red 00

On the other hand, the “International” word in it also shows that this product has international class quality.

It is also a way used by the Bentoel Group to market this product for the international consumer.

From this point, you can imagine that the taste and the experience you will get when you try this product will be different than the standard cigarette you can find in the store.

Dunhill International (Red) also has two important features that make it different from the standard cigarette.

They are Tasteloc and Advanced Flow Filter. The Tasteloc or it is also known as Automatic Seal, is a feature that can keep the constant taste of the cigarette.

So, from the time when you open the packaging and smoke it, until the end, the taste won’t change. Its deliciousness will stay right there the whole time.

Advanced Flow Filter uses the two layers of filter acetate. They are the “flow filter” layer and the pored filter acetate.

This filter creates a much smoother feeling when you suck it. And, it matches with the 40 cuts/inches formula for the tobacco leaves cut that it’s used.

This combination gave birth to a tasteful cigarette that you can enjoy all the time.

Those entire features give this cigarette the rights to be called a premium cigarette product. If you want to enjoy the best smoking experience, you might need to try this product.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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