Esse Berry Pop

Rp562.000 /carton

Esse Berry Pop is one of the most popular cigarettes that are currently available in the market.

The edgy design of this cigarette gives it a cool vibe that attracts a lot of people, especially young people.

This cigarette is a clove cigarette that is equipped with an additional menthol blueberry flavor that gives it a unique and distinctive taste.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

Product description

One of the most famous cigarettes that are currently circulating in the market is Esse Berry Pop. The fact that this cigarette is famous is not very surprising, remembering how unique and edgy this cigarette is.

This cigarette product has been promoted by its manufacturer as a brand new modern and edgy cigarette that managed to attract a lot of people. And fortunately for all of us, the taste of this cigarette is also one that is worthwhile.

Before we talk about the taste of this cigarette, let’s talk about the design of the cigarette. This cigarette product comes in a white cigarette box with a simple design.

You can see that the signature logo of this cigarette product is a purple ball that represents the blueberry mint capsule that you can pop in this cigarette. Overall, the design of the cigarette box is very modern and edgy.

Each cigarette box contains 16 Esse Berry Pop cigarettes that you can enjoy.

This cigarette product is made out of several ingredients that produce a unique taste. Before you pop the blueberry mint capsule, you can taste the smooth and sweet flavor of the Virginia tobacco.

It does not taste spicy at all. However, you can perfectly taste the sweet flavor of tobacco combined with the clove that is in this cigarette.

Once you have popped the capsule, you can start tasting the mint flavor coupled with the flavor of blueberry, which gives this cigarette an even sweeter taste.

The mint flavor is not very strong in this cigarette so your throat and mouth will not hurt at all. The aftertaste of this cigarette is a minty and fruity flavor that makes this cigarette unique.

Overall, this cigarette is a very delicious cigarette that you might want to try. Enjoying an Esse Berry Pop cigarette is going to feel quite relaxing.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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