Esse Blue Change

Rp562.000 /carton

Esse Blue Change is a revolutionary product from the famous KT&G.

This cigarette is amidst the super slim kretek clove cigarette segment.

It was amidst the very first cigarette products to include a special flavor capsule in its filter.

The sensation of that flavor capsule is the one thing that stands out of this light cigarette product from KT&G.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Esse Blue Change with its unique Applemint flavor is simply a decent combination from KT&G to hit the super slim kretek clove cigarette market hard. That is considered an innovation at the time of release.

The previous products of Esse have been known to be innovative as well as this one. The basic idea of this product is to create a simpler form of cigarette for everyone.

The word simpler is actually translated into the smaller size of the individual cigarette as well as the overall package of it. That way it is easier to hold and bring it around.

Esse Blue Change has a nice-looking packaging in a somewhat different way than its competitors. The blue of its package stands out really well among other cigarette products on the display shelf of any store.

That is a clever way of making it easier to spot. It even has its special limited edition back in 2016 in which the package was made of Fresnel lens PET.

Clearly, KT&G has more than just making and selling cigarettes around to show everyone through its many products including this one. The Applemint flavor is indicated clearly on its packaging as its selling point.

Esse Blue Change comes with a package of 20 super slim kretek clove cigarettes. Despite the 20 cigarettes inside each pack, the size of its package is compact. It is even smaller than a pack of 16 of KT&G’s other products.

That is the way to show that it is a super slim cigarette instead of just another regular LTLN cigarette. The uniqueness of this product leads to a great response to many people especially those who smoke lightly.

All in all, this super slim kretek clove cigarette is a revolutionary product that brings a new vibe to the market.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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