Esse Blue

Rp562.000 /carton

Esse Blue itself is included in the category of American Blend cigarette.

Although the name is American Blend, this type of cigarette is well-known for its bold taste of oriental tobacco.

Uniquely, when it is burnt and inhaled, the main ingredient of the cigarette can be simply tasted. It is the Virginian tobacco. Virginian tobacco itself tends to have milder and softer flavors compared to other tobacco types.

People who prefer this cigarette also mention “a hint of sweetness” sensation. That’s why; the cigarette is also demanded a lot by many women, who commonly, don’t like a strong-taste cigarette.

Package: 1 Cartoon (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Virginian tobacco is not the only main ingredient to form Esse Blue although it is still the domination. Oriental tobacco is added as it has been mentioned before.

There is only a small amount of oriental tobacco but it is enough to enrich the flavor. The combination of both brings a nuttier flavor that may not be flavored when you smoke them separately.

Besides, there is also Burley tobacco that becomes another reason why the cigarette, generally, tastes so sweet. Although it has not known clearly, it looks like stem and Recon tobacco also form Esse Blue.

Both ingredients can maintain its lightness but at the same time, the cigarette tastes strong when it is inhaled strongly as well.

Many cigarette products are intended for heavy smokers. Therefore, rarely of them use a combination of light tobaccos just like what Esse Blue does.

Although it is definitely your choice what type of cigarettes you want to try, the light-taste American Blend like Esse Blue is good to try.

Despite it gives you another experience in smoking, this type of cigarette is also considered better in your lungs. It feels more comfortable while still enjoying the great taste.

Moreover, for beginners who want to feel the sensation of smoking, you can start it with the American blend first.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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