Gudang Garam International

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Rp550.000 /carton

Gudang Garam International is one of the best cigarettes that is offered to you. It may become the best cigarette because it can reflect your personality and your unique taste.

For you who are real men, you should try to enjoy this cigarette and you will find differences when you compare it with some other cigarettes.

People say that the real man will only smoke this cigarette. With the tagline, Pria Punya Selera, we know that it is created only for real men.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 12 (total 120))

Product description

Gudang Garam International as the best friend for your partner in the workplace. It is a great cigarette since we know that it is created with the best quality of tobacco.

For all of you who want to smoke this cigarette, we should know more about this cigarette so we will know too why people choose to smoke this cigarette than some other brands of cigarettes.

The phrase “Pria Punya Selera” or in English, Men Got Taste will show that by smoking this cigarette, you can show your masculinity.

The phrase also points to male smokers and it shows that only men can get the real taste of this cigarette.

Gudang Garam International is famous as a filter kretek cigarette that will give enjoyment to all men who smoke it.

Experts need a long time to create this cigarette and when you smoke this cigarette, you will find the perfect combination of clove and also the best selection of tobaccos.

It guarantees true smoking enjoyment and pleasure and it is a legendary kretek from Indonesia.

The combination of hereditary kretek recipe and advanced technology delivers unforgettable taste and aftertaste for all the smokers.

In each cigarette package, you will get 12 premium filters of filter clove cigarettes. In one cigarette, it contains 31 mg tar and also 2.2 mg nicotine.

For the best seller, you can try Gudang Merah Filter International Merah, it is top selling cigarettes from this brand and it is popular not only in Indonesia but in some countries in the world.

For all of you who think that you are the real man and you are brave enough to try this cigarette, what you need to do is buy this cigarette and then try to smoke it.

You can enjoy the taste of the gallant in this cigarette.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm

1 review for Gudang Garam International

  1. Kim donghyun

    Could you ship to Korea?

    • Smoking Room

      Really sorry, there’s no shipping option available at the moment. Since C19 outbreak, we can not shipped any cigarette overseas.

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