LA Lights

Rp549.000 /carton

LA Lights is a product of Djarum, one of the top manufacturers of cigarette product in Indonesia. This LA Lights cigarette uses patented Triple Blended process to create a nice combination of cloves and tobacco.

Therefore, it produces a smooth and light taste compared to other cigarettes.

This product was first launched in 1996 as the new and better version of traditional clove cigarette from Indonesia. Therefore, it is loved by the younger and older generation.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

Product description

Indonesia is famous for its spices. One of them is cloves. It said that it tastes much better than cloves from other countries. This is also the reason why the cloves-based cigarette from Indonesia can be considered to be the best and the most delicious for those smoking lovers.

The combination of cloves and tobacco create fresh taste and delicacy that you won’t find on other product. One of the best examples is LA Lights.

LA Lights is the kretek cigarette that is made of a combination of cloves and tobacco. This brand is the product of Djarum, a top company in the cigarette industry in Indonesia.

Djarum uses the Triple Blended manufacturing process to combine those ingredients and make it into special clove kretek of L.A. Lights.

The fresh, mild and light taste is the favorite of many people from different age range. The filter type also makes it different than the traditional clove cigarettes.

Djarum LA Lights represent the casual yet elegant cigarette. As its name implied, this product is categorized into light or mild cigarette, even though it is the kretek cigarette. With just 15 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine, it creates a fresh and less-heavy taste.

First introduced in 1996, L.A. Lights become of the pioneers in the filtered kretek cigarette. It becomes one of the most popular clove cigarette brands in Indonesia.

LA Lights is made of the combination between clove and tobacco. And, we can say that the amount of clove is quite high, so the spicy kick can be felt in each time you suck it.

The most interesting part is the hint of fruity taste in it. It is not much. However, we can taste the lychee fruits. You may miss it if you don’t try to taste it carefully.

But, when you enjoy this cigarette while you are having a relaxation time, try to suck and taste it. You will find this amazing taste from this cigarette.

LA Lights – 1 pack of 16 Kretek Filter. 15 mg tar and 1 mg nicotine.

Made by PT. Djarum, Kudus, Indonesia.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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