L.A Menthol

Rp555.000 /carton

LA Light Menthol is a machine-rolled and filtered cigarette kretek. What makes this product different than any other cigarette kretek products is the use of the natural mint leaf extract.

This is why you can taste natural menthol flavor when you smoke LA Light Menthol.

LA Light Menthol is made of fine ground tobacco, cloves, and mint leaf extracts. This cigarette kretek has a slim stick design and simple package.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 16 (total 160))

Product description

Djarum wants to offer something modern to its loyal customers. LA Lights Menthol is the answer and it can be seen on the simple design.

Djarum uses white, silver, and green along with simple design and font. The size of this cigarette kretek is the same as the other mild cigarette kretek products. The different is on its slim stick design that makes LA Lights Menthol handy enough to hold.

LA Lights Menthol is formulated to develop the previous version, LA Lights. It becomes one of the most popular mild cigarette kretek products. Besides using the best tobacco, cloves, and mint leaf extract, it seems that the great taste is also because of the triple blended process.

In the triple blended process, the ingredients are mixed three times and it triggers stronger natural aroma and flavor. The 100% natural menthol makes this cigarette has a great taste, especially fresh and minty taste in your mouth and throat.

The point is that Djarum achieves great success on creating a new cigarette kretek innovation through LA Lights Menthol.

The taste of the cigarette is the same with the name. When you open the package, you can smell a strong menthol. Then, you can taste the strong menthol when you smoke the cigarette.

Besides the menthol flavor, you can also taste the fruit flavor. LA Lights Menthol is formulated along with the addition of leccy essences.

While smoking the cigarette, your mouth feels cold and fresh because of the menthol. You don’t need to worry because the menthol is 100% natural and added in the right portion. As a result, the flavor is still comfortable in your mouth from the beginning until the end of the smoking.

The high-quality ingredients are manufactured with a triple blended process. The process helps to balance all the flavors from the natural ingredients. As a result, the flavor is not too hot in your mouth.

Even, it makes your mouth fresh and smells good after smoking. Moreover, the smoke is smooth and it keeps your throat comfortable without triggering cough or dry throat.

LA Lights Menthol is a perfect option for smokers who don’t like to taste the spicy sensation from the tobacco and cloves. The menthol covers up the spicy taste perfectly.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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