Lucky Strike Purple Boost

Rp583.000 /carton

Lucky Strike Purple Boost gives a new experience to get a different cigarette taste. With the switch feature being the main feature of this product, making this cigarette more exciting to try.

Lucky Strike Purple Boost is a new variant of Lucky Strike that gives a sensation of menthol and berry that can change by pressing the switch on the filter.

Having a new experience by getting a taste sensation that is unique to cigarettes will be an interesting thing.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Lucky Strike again gave a surprise with a new variant namely Lucky Strike Purple Boost. Just like other Luke Strike products, this product also has different characteristics from other cigarettes.

What’s interesting about the features provided by Lucky Strike Purple Boost is the purple switch feature located on the filter. This switch feature gives a different sensation.

When lighting the first cigarette, the strong taste of menthol will be felt, once the switch feature is activated then the sensation of a typical berry will come out on its own. The way to activate this feature is quite easy.

Look at the picture shaped switch button on the filter then press until the click will be heard. As soon as the click sounds the taste of menthol will change to a unique berry that you may never have tasted.

This variety of products from Lucky Strike has different characteristics from cigarettes in Indonesia.

The combination of a strong taste in cigarettes makes many people feel curious even since it was first launched.

The taste of the berries given is different from the usual berries. The taste of berries will be felt and give the impression that makes people guess about the fruit used.

The taste of menthol itself will provide a cool sensation that is not only fitting but also refreshing.

The right combination is only found on Lucky Strike Purple Boost. Basically, not many cigarettes are made with the right and different flavors. The addition of fruit flavor to cigarettes is an innovation that can give a new sensation to cigarettes.

In addition, the existence of this innovation will make people feel the right taste differences that can blend well.

Feeling the taste of menthol which is then followed by a unique berry will make people be curious and finally be able to enjoy the flavor that is given comfortably.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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