Marlboro Black Filter

Rp589.000 /carton

Marlboro Black Filter offers an awesomely rich flavor blend, which becomes the most distinctive feature between it and white cigarettes.

Moreover, it also distinguishes itself from its competitors within the full-flavor kretek cigarette market with its excellent harshness-smoothness balance. As a Black variant, it attempts to remain bold and harsh when delivering its flavors.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

The name of the cigarette implies all the best features that this cigarette offers to you. Marlboro Black Filter makes smokers look and feel like gentlepersons with a premium cigarette between their fingers, thanks to Marlboro’s history of prestige and excellence.

Everything about the cigarette, from its looks to its flavor, is clear evidence of the ultimate fineness that the cigarette and its maker achieve.

The round-cornered cigarette package, which is Marlboro’s current norm for its cigarette variants, especially the ones with pro seal in them, makes the box look different in a very good way.

When you open the box, you also open the package’s pro seal, which protects the cigarette tubes from moisture and elements.

This round-cornered package with Marlboro’s trademarked seal is thus great not only aesthetically because it does a real function to keep your cigarette fresh and flavorful.

Seal-equipped cigarette package is indeed not a rarity nowadays because some cigarette makers also feature their own trademarked seals. What makes Marlboro’s Pro Seal different is its ease of opening.

This ease of opening feature is perceivable, especially if you compare Pro Seal with—for instance—Dunhill’s Reloc seal.

The Black variant of Marlboro cigarettes is known for its strong flavor, which further accentuates the cigarette’s masculinity. It defines the full-flavor characteristic of the cigarette and delivers the ultimate spicy and fruity flavors that are barely compromised by the low tar content.

If you are looking for a masculine cigarette in terms of both look and flavor, you will find it an excellent choice.

The Filter part of the name defines the trademarked Air Flow Filter that the cigarette uses. This unique filter creates a rather thick cylinder-like structure in the filter area, allowing more air to enter and ensuring smooth without sacrificing the cigarette’s characteristic flavor.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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