Marlboro Gold Lights

Rp571.500 /carton

Marlboro Gold Lights is designed to be a premium cigarette that gives its smokers a sense of reputation, elegance, and manliness.

With a thick king-size white shaft burnt between your fingers, you will look like what every masculine man wants to look. In terms of flavor, this cigarette uses a variety of tobacco types with a pleasant sauce, providing a rich and strong sensation that remains mild and light.

The flavor, however, might pleasure only a small group of people who are already familiar with the cigarette.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

Some people enjoy cigarettes only for their basic personal smoking needs. Others, however, go as far as treating their cigarette as a symbol of their character.

In other words, their character, their reputation, and how they appear before their peers are determined by the type of cigarette that they use.

For the latter, flavor and aroma continue to be regarded as important matters, but the aura of elegance and masculinity that their cigarette emits is an indispensable extra that they must also acquire when smoking.

Marlboro Gold Lights is designed to meet these requirements.

Everything about Marlboro Gold Lights is intended to showcase it as a premium cigarette with a strong character of masculinity and elegance.

The white package with Marlboro’s archetypal golden rooftop logo and transparent embossed Marlboro lettering is intended to make the cigarette visually stand out.

Although the transparent lettering causes the word to be virtually invisible, it evokes a sense of curiosity and tempts everyone to “see” it. Marlboro Gold Light is designed to be a cigarette as a center of attention.

The inside of the package is not less elegant than the outer shell. In fact, it is in the inside the actual pearly treasure lies.

The foil is not plain like that of other cigarettes. It has a concentric circle pattern with a visible rooftop logo at the front, which is, again, intended to evoke elegance and beauty.

There are 20 cigarettes inside the box, which are arranged in three layers with 7-6-7 formation. Marlboro Gold features king-size cigarette tubes that are rather short but thick and luxurious.

The silver rooftop logo appears again on the edge of the tipping paper together with a golden accent and golden “Gold Lights” inscription.

There are also silver “Marlboro” and “firm filter” prints at the same location together with the perforation line. More about the firm filter and perforation and how they affect the flavor will be explained later.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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