Marlboro Ice Burst

Rp571.000 /carton

Marlboro Ice Burst offers a combination of menthol and mint flavors, together with Marlboro characteristic tobacco flavor, which are excellent for all fresh cigarette lovers of every level.

Whether you love the light menthol sensation of cigarettes like Marlboro Menthol Lights or the bold flavor of Marlboro Black Menthol and the like, you will find Marlboro Ice Burst a great cigarette.

Its Marlboro Burst capsule can truly blast your smoking experience when you want to dramatically enhance the cigarette’s menthol sensation.

Package: 1 Carton (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Product description

As flocks of smokers migrate from white cigarettes to kretek cigarettes with more colorful flavors, some white cigarette brands attempt to thrive in the diminishing market by offering some revolutionary features that make smoking a truly unforeseen experience.

Marlboro Ice Burst creatively takes this groundbreaking endeavor by offering a menthol cigarette with adjustable cooling level.

You can either make this cigarette a mildly cool one or a freezing one with a pinch of your finger. This is the best thing about this cigarette that you will rarely experience when you smoke other cigarettes, even within the menthol cigarette group.

You can immediately get the visual clue of this amazing feature from the cigarette’s design. The dominant blue and green colors on the package clearly identify it as a menthol cigarette.

The image of the ice blast indicates that the cigarette is ready to blast itself with a powerful menthol flavor.

When you take out the tube, the circular blue dot on the filter area signifies the point where the cigarette’s most powerful feature lies. Pinch around this dot and you can experience the dramatic menthol sensation that only this cigarette can provide.

Of course, Marlboro Ice Burst is superior not only due to its amazing menthol flavor. As a machine-made white cigarette, it relies very much on its tobacco content to shape its base flavor. And Marlboro Ice Blast does so amazingly.

The tobacco flavor feels so rich and saturated that there is hardly any earthy flavor perceived when you smoke the cigarette.

Besides, you will also love the nutty flavor and the hint of cocoa that you will immediately taste as the smokes enter your throat.

Throat hit is hardly felt and the smokes as well as the flavor flow smoothly through your respiratory tract to create a warm sensation that is unusually paired with the extra-cool sensation of the menthol blast.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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