Recommended Premium Cigars in Germany, 2019

There are many cigars in the European market that nearly all coming from Central American countries, in particular Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, etc.

It seems to be in Germany, that many cigar and pipe smokers. From many brands of cigars exported to Germany, there are a several brands that more popular among others. There are:

My Father La Opulencia Toro

Myfather La Opulencia Toro

La Opulencia cigars produced by My Father Cigars S.A., in Nicaragua, the company head office is in thenLittle Havana, Florida, USA.

Hand-rolled blended of two opulent tobaccos with splendid provenance Mexican and Nicaraguan. The filler is a combination of Cuban seed tobaccos grown by the Garcia family, owner and makers of My Father brand.

Binder are two Nicaraguan finest tobacco leaves, one Corojo and one Criollo, both of which bolster the body of the cigar, and finally the wrapper is a dark Mexican San Andrés that the company calls Rosado Oscuro.

The Garcias have a number of farms in Nicaragua, and La Opulencia shows off the quality of the leaves grown on these tobacco plantations, known as El Pedrero, Las Lometas, and La Bonita.

Nicaragua also known as revered for producing some of the best cigars in the world, they have many region of tobacco plantation that produced a strong, bold and aromatic tobacco leaves, which many aficionados refer to as the “holy grail” of cigar manufacturing.

A. J. Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Churchill

This cigar also coming from the Central America.  AJ Fernandez is notoriously known in the cigar community, highly respected for his Cuban-style blending skills, which give his cigars some of the fullest flavors the industry has to offer.

This particular edition is easily one of the top Cuban cigars available, and offers a rich, peppery taste with subtle hints of chocolate and cinnamon.

But that’s not even the most impressive part— each Enclave Broadleaf Churchill is hand-rolled, and features premium-grade Nicaraguan tobacco.

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro

This Rocky Patel’s cigar currently only available in Europe, it is also a Nicaraguan cigar, hand-rolled blend uses a Nicaraguan long-leaf filler, Costa Rica finest tobacco leaf for binder, and the Nicaraguan wrapper, that the result is featured elegance note of coffee, roasted nut, and a hint of malty sweetness.

Adding to the allure of this particular cigar, its tobacco blend is actually kept a secret, but it is suggested that it is comprised of some of the oldest, most matured tobacco Rocky Patel has to offer, and is famed for its rich, earthy, flavor, which is enhanced with undertones of coffee.

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco

This cigar created by Hoyo de Monterrey, famous as a prime quality brand that has been producing cigars since 1960, released by Cuban Stated owned cigar factory Habanos S.A. as an extension of the existing Le Hoyo de Rio Series, with sizes of 5½” long by 56 ring gauge.

Hand rolled by Cuban torcedores, this is an elegant vitola that comes exclusively in boxes of 10 or 25 sticks.

Padron 1926 Series No.1 Maduro

Padron Cigars founded by Cuba-native José Orlando Padrón in 1964. The 1926 Series cigar were hand-rolled as a tribute to José’s 75th birthday, and are made with expertly-aged Nicaraguan tobacco leaves for one-of-kind smoking experience, solidifying their place as one of the world’s best cigar.

Made in one size, 5” long by 54 ring gauge, rolled in two wrapper choices; Nicaraguan Habano natural or Nicaraguan Habano Maduro.  Packaged in boxes conatin 10 cigars, these puros are made with 5-year-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, limited only 3,000 boxes.  Like all Padrón Anniversary Cigars, it will have individual, serial-numbered cigar bands.

Alec Bradley Black Market Estelí Torpedo

Black Market cigars come in the Torpedo’s sharp, pointed tip and dark, oily Nicaraguan wrapper. It is also does not hurt that this stogie.

Made by Plasencia Cigars S.A. Nicaragua, blended uses Nicaraguan long-leaf filler, Nicaraguan and Honduras binder, and Nicaraguan aged selected leaves wrapper.

The size is 6½’ long by 52 ring gauge. The series is a spin-off from the first Black Market brand, only the blend is quite different and so the factory.

The original Black Market lines is made in Honduras, and for this one is produced at Plasencia Cogars S.A., Nicaragua, located at Estelí, the center of hand-made cigars in Nicaragua.

There’s a reason these cigars are so highly-rated and favored by even the most accomplished cigar connoisseurs, and it has everything to do with the unmistakable rich, toasty finish these double coronas provide.

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