Reiner Pipe from Germany

Reiner pipe genuine high quality carver tobacco pipe known with a trademark as “The Pipe Art Design”, the name is an honor to the pipe artisans Reiner Klein, who is the founder of Reiner pipe trade mark.

Reiner pipe bought by the owner of Solani tobaccoRüdiger Lutz Will or R.L. Will in 1987. The The Pipe Art Design” trademark still uses by R.L. Will at the present day.

Reiner Pipe Art Design Smooth Bent Brandy with Boxwood (B) (9mm)

Product Number: 004-005-3993 (Germany Estate)

This pipe is full bent classic shape shining and artistic design of the Cumberland stem. The bowl of the stummel is a classic Danish style. This is an Estate pipe that the condition still good and clean.

The Description of the pipe: 

  • Stamping: handcrafted Reiner® Pipe Art Design B
  • Condition: 4.7/5 The chamber is rather clean, but there is a tiny chip on the rim.
  • Shape: Bent Brandy
  • Length: 133.86 mm
  • Bowl height: 45.72mm
  • Chamber Depth: 38.35 mm
  • Chamber Diameter: 20.07 mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 41.91 mm
  • Weight: 45.36 grams
  • Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Vulcanite
  • Country of Origin: Germany

R.L. Will starting the tobacco business as a tobacconist when he is joint with his father firm, and later he is known as a pipe tobacco blender.

Because of his passion and have meet with some others tobacco and pipe businessman, he took an interest in making his own tobacco pipes.

He bought “Reiner” pipe trade mark from the famous pipe-maker Reiner Klein in 1987, including the tools, machinery and Briar block stocks, and a year later (1988) he developed R.L. Will Pipe Studio.

At that studio Will and Reiner designing and making a hand-made tobacco pipe from the best Corsican briar wood.

They worked together for almost eight years, and producing the pipe that called as “The Pipe Art Design” Pipes.

After Reiner left, Will continued making a pipe by himself which is the production very limited about 200 pipes a year.

At the present time, we will see the shape, style of “The Pipe Art Design” are smooth and rather classic traditional in design.  This is a prime quality tobacco pipe from Germany.

All the pipe designed and carving by R.L. Will, and as Reiner shape of stain, most of the pipe finished in orange color, with wood oil and finally waxed.

Some models featured shank shape like the keel of a ship, continuing both on the underside of the stummel and on the stem. For the pipe stem, it preferred uses marbled Cumberland or ebonite.

For the stems it showed lateral notches or rills at the tenon end that will connected to the mortise of the stummel, it also means that the pipe is without filter.

In the Reiner era of ownership (1983-1989), the Reiner pipe stamped on the shank with “reiner” and “Handmade” in script. The pipe divided into A to C grade.

The Grade of the pipes is:

  • Reiner Pipe Art Design – “S” Class (Top Straight Grain or Bird’s Eye – Perfect Design) just for individual customer
  • Reiner Pipe Art Design – “AS” Class (Mostly Straight Grain or Bird’s Eye – Harmonic Design)
  • Reiner Pipe Art Design – “A” Class (Good Lively Grain, often Straight – Good Design)
  • Reiner Pipe Art Design – “B” Class (Straight or Flame Grain, Partly Interrupted)
  • Reiner Pipe Art Design – “C” Class (Cross or Flame Grain, Partly Interrupted)

The other classical Danish pipe of Reiner “The Pipe Art Design is

Reiner Pipe Art Design Smooth Brandy (A)

Product Number: 004-005-4250 (Germany Estate)

This is the Billard shape classical Danish style, made by an aged Briar wood. The pipe looks elegance, designed by Reiner before the company bought by R.L. Will. This is also an estate pipe with the condition still good.

The Description of the Pipe:

Stamping: HANDMADE Reiner (in script) PIPE ART DESIGN ACondition: 4.9/5 Smoked, but rather clean.

  • Shape: Billard Brandy
  • Length: 148.34 mm
  • Bowl height: 45.21 mm
  • Chamber Depth: 33.31 mm
  • Chamber Diameter: 21.34 mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 41.66 mm
  • Weight: 51.03 grams
  • Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Vulcanite
  • Country of Origin: Germany

Rüdiger Lutz Will still exists as a tobacconist with its Solani brand, and the pipe as well and still used “The Pipe Art Design” trademark. Bus as mentioned above, the products is very limited of 200 pipes a year.

Pics: Reiner Pipes


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