Remember these wisdoms, dear smokers!

These are wisdoms that I have collected from @komunitaskretek, the famous instagram offcial account about cigarette and smoking stuff. The contents are written in Bahasa Indonesia, but I will happily translate it to English. Reminder, sometimes there are a lot of things that you forget when you do smoke, and this post is created to remind you. Let’s see em.

Don’t Smoke while Driving/Riding

Step Aside And Smoke

The text means "Step aside to enjoy the cigarette more". Well, it isn't necessarily about enjoying cigarette but it is about safety driving/riding. Driving/riding while smoking truly dangerous because smoking decreases our awareness while we are driving/riding. Also by not smoking while driving, you avoid the risk of others getting hit by the ashes from your cigarette.

‘Tingwe’ is the Solution

Tingwe Solution

The text means "Cigarette price and excise increases, tingwe is the solution"

when the price of cigarette and its excise goes up, tingwe is the best solution for you. Tingwe is a term from javanese which means rolling cigarette by yourself.

It is indeed the best way because Tingwe is cheap and fun. You just buy a pack of tobacco, a pack of cigarette paper, and also cigarette filter if you need it. Then, prepare for the fun.


Cigarette Ash Art by Shinrashinge

N0tail Smoking

Bruh. Seriously N0tail?