Removing Cigarette Smell: A Simple Guide

There are some occasions when you don’t want smell like cigarette. Whether it is when you meet someone you promised to quit smoking but you are still not able to, or when you have to meet client and you need to be fresh.

Lucky you to be here as we would like to share to you few tricks in removing cigarette smell on you and around you.


Removing Cigarette Smell by Covering the Smell on Yourself

Cigarette smell stains on your breath, your hands, your hair, and even your clothes. To make your breath fresh, some mint candies and gums need to be ready on your pocket.

The fresh aroma of mint is the easiest and best alternative for removing cigarette smell on your breath.

If you have some spare time, consider to brush your teeth first before people you want to meet smell the cigarette on you. Moreover, you can use breath spray or mouthwash for removing cigarette smell.

Besides breath, you need to cover the cigarette smell or removing cigarette smell on your hands as well. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly to get the smell of smoke off your hands.

Smoking Cigarettes Tobacco In Hand With A Soft Focus. Concept Quit Cigarettes Are Dangerous To Health.
smoking Cigarettes tobacco in hand with a soft-focus. concept quit Cigarettes are dangerous to health.

You can use a strong-scented soap (liquid ones is the best choice) to get the most effective cleaning. Don’t forget to check your hair; cigarette smell will stay there too.

You can prevent this to happen by tying your hair in a ponytail first before you smoking, and air out it after you finish. You can use combing cream or other hair product if you have.

Febreze Fabric

One thing to note is covering the cigarette smell on your clothes. Perfume is the most practical choice to hide the smell.

You can also use Febreze; it will remove the smell of cigarette rather than giving another fragrant like perfume in which will help your clothes smell fresh.

Do not ever keep half-smoked cigarettes or cigarettes but in your pocket since the smell of them are stronger than the smoke in which will make it harder to handle.

Removing Cigarette Smell by Covering the Smell on Your Room

You have to pay attention to the smell of your room after smoking as well. If you are planning to smoke indoor, it is better to smoke near the open window to ease the effects of smoking (your room may be musty if the air circulation isn’t good).

However, if the cigarette smoke already lingers on your room, you can use a homemade smoke scrubber, room sprayer, or candle.

Or if you have more time, you can do vacuum your room. If your room uses carpet, the ash and smell may stick on it too.

Preventing Smoke Smells

Better prevent than cure is applied well in this smoking scene, too. To keep yourself and your room fresh from cigarette smell, you can perform some preventive acts.

You can smoke outside; the air circulation outside is better and the breeze can naturally take the smoke away from you. You can remove your jacket or coat before smoking and keep it in different room to make yourself less smelly of cigarette.

If it is necessary and comfortable for you, you can use gloves or hat to prevent your finger and hair from cigarette smell.

Those are some tips and tricks to cover the cigarette smell. Do not forget to up-vote if you like this article. You also can share your experiences in the comment section below!


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