Rhodesian from BBB Arsenal Series

BBB is a famous English tobacco pipe for a long time and the oldest English trademark in current use and then first pipe ever to have a registered trade mark.

The Initial BBB is a shortened of Blumfeld’s Best Briars, but gradually became known as Britain’s Best Briars.

Bbb Arsenal

Louis Blumfeld toke over the management of Adolph Frankau & Company Limited in 1856, after Adolph passed away.

He is a son of Adolph Frankau that later on success marketing the BBB products to many countries.

BBB still producing the high quality tobacco pipe until today and has always popular in some countries.

Bbb Arsenal Rhodesian Pipes

The early pipes included a metal rondel with a diamond shape, and later went to a stamped on logo, similar to the GBD pipes.

One of the BBB pipes that we propose in this article is Rhodesian pipe, a BBB version from Arsenal series.

BBB Rhodesian Pipe, Arsenal Series

BBB Rhodesian Pipe, Arsenal Series is one of the best pipe from BBB products of tobacco pipe, it is make by an expert artisan pipe-maker from the selected Briar wood for the stummel and nice bent bulldog stem with a smooth brown wood color finishing on the stummel, makes the pipe looks simple beautiful and elegant.

BBB Rhodesian pipe, Arsenal Series is one of version from the famous Arsenal series from BBB.

BBB Rhodesian pipe  marking in the middle side of shank, it is easy to recognize the pipe.

  • Brand: BBB
  • Type: Arsenal
  • Model: Rhodesian
  • Length: 138 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Bowl diameter outside: 38 mm
  • Bowl chamber inside: 19 mm
  • Bowl chamber depth: 38 mm
  • Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic
  • Weight: 38 grams
  • Filter: No filter
  • Production No.: Arsenal MBP

Brief History of BBB

It is began in 1847 when Adolf Frankau & Co Ltd established by Adolph Frankau after he arrived in London. He sees an opportunity in London for tobacco market.

The company became an importer of Meerschaum pipes and supplies that have a relation with tobacco. The company running smoothly until he passed away on 1856. At that time he has a son Louis Blumfeld, and still 18 years old.

When Adolph widow – Mrs. Frankau – prefer want to sell the company, which is Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) gave her an advice to not sell the company, and let Louis Blumfeld take over the company.

The advices is proved by a serious, confidence and responsibility of Louis when he running the business.

Louis develops of important international trade with a particular success in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark and India.

For the United State market he opened a branch in New York. The company also acts as a sole agent for the pipes Cherry Wood of the Ropp house for the United Kingdom and British colonies market.

Beside BBB, Fankau & Co had several marks of pipe: Capt. kidd, Fariway (“F” in white) FAIRWAY/LONDON MADE/ENGLAND, Frankau’S – London Made/Made in England, Glokar (this marks of pipes very similar to Peterson’s pipe), Major Daff, and the Snap-FIT. The entire pipe presented as being product lines under label of BBB.

To support the company activity of products, inn1898 A. Frankau & Co opens a factory in Hometon, High Street 112 (then 154) until the Eighties when Cadogan gathers its activities in Southend one Sea.

At that time the company also produces of Calabashs. The water-bottle used are originating in South Africa and are fruits which can be used as pipe (called also groud, in this case) useable for the pipes.

To survive in the pipe business, A. Frakau & Co. is integrated by “A. Oppenheimer & Co. Ltd.1”. This is because the difficulties of the twentieth.

Besides that, at that time Comoy’S of London, Dr. plumb and Loewe & Co pass under the control of A. Oppenheimer & Co., which pushes the company to create “Cadogan Investments Ltd.2” in Cadogan Square, London, in the Thirties, to manufacture and sell its pipes.

The factory of Hometon passes under control of “Marechal Ruchon & Co” – 1970 takes the name of “Fairfax Traders”-, and continuing produce the BBB in a traditional way.

Until 1923, BBB manufacture the stummel pipe of its Bent Magnums and others for Dunhill as a sub-contractor.

Shortly, A. Frankau & Co. Ltd. has a long journey in the tobacco pipe business and they have an experience for a century with a prime quality reputation.

BBB was probably the first producer that to propose pipes with a paper filter.  It is also one of the first to call the form Lovat “Lovat”, pipes designed with broad led for a better passage of air.

Today BBB pipes still looking by pipe smoker enthusiast both for collecting or for daily used.


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