“Rocky” Patel and Premium Cigar – Part-3, The Cigar

What is the best Rocky Patel cigar?

In celebrating his 15th year in the cigar industry, Rocky released one of his strongest and most highly rated cigars yet.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigar

The Premium Cigars

To get a reputation of product into premium cigar is a long story for Rocky Patel, there are also because of the hard effort and direct touch with the market.  So, they knew exactly what the trend of the market is and what the smokers want is.

Year 2003 Rocky has changed the company’ marketing direction by emphasizing on branding himself.  First is changing the company name from Indian Tabac Cigar Co. to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars.

Then, they release line of cigars that among them are Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and Rocky Patel Vintage 1992.

Both cigars got a good rate point from the cigar community.  The Vintage line become a flagship brand of Rocky Patel, there are comprising of five Vintage Series; 1990, 1992, 1999, 2003 and 2006.

Rocky Patel Cigars

The other products launched after the name of the company are The Edge, Decade, Fifteenth Anniversary, Royale, Java, Twentieth Anniversary, and Sun Grown Maduro.  Those cigars are a top-selling in many cigar stores.

Success with the market did not make Rocky satisfied; He will never stop his effort for more perfection to achieve.

Among the Vintage Series, the Vintage 2003 is the highest point rated.  The cigar blended of a Cameroon wrapper embraces a medium to full-bodied recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers.

Year 2009, the product named Rocky Patel Renaissance got a momentum with high rating.  The line now includes several popular wrapper varietals, as well as “RP” Renaissance Fumas and “RP” Old World Reserve.

With that reputation, Rocky again-and-again effort to make the customer satisfied, They release many new cigar with a premium quality such as”RP” 15th Anniversary,  “RP” Fifty (commemorate his 50th birthday), “RP” The Edge, and “RP” Sun Grown.

Rocky Patel Tavicusa

New Cigars

RP business model in the cigar industry differs from a number of premium cigar-makers.

E glance at the sheer volume of cigars in the Rocky Patel portfolio is evidence that a relentless stream of new releases is critical.

A tireless perfectionist, Rocky is never satisfied and entertains dozens of new projects at one time. That, coupled with ensuring FDA regulation aimed to greatly restrict new cigars from entering the market, has led Rocky to release a prolific stream of new cigars in recent years. Navigating the brand’s deep menu of blends can be challenging.

Trying Rocky sampler is often the best introduction to his bestselling boxes.  Such like “RP” Velvet Edition and “RP” Ocean Club. “RP” Short Run Limited Edition and “RP” The Project are a high-end boutique cigars Rocky elected to package in bundles and the esteemed “RP” Mulligans.

Today Rocky Patel run his cigar company as a family enterprice with a help of his brother, Nish Patel, and his cousin Nimish “Nimmy D” Desai.

Late 2010, Rocky opened Burn by Rocky Patel, a high-end cigar bar in Naples, Florida.  The group has branched out with new locations in Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Atlanta and Indianapolis.


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