Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol

Appearing in a more attractive product color with a cool silver base color is an innovation from Sampoerna A Avalution Slim Menthol.

The packaging itself is quite different from the previous packaging. The logo color of the letter A is green which symbolizes this series.

Sampoerna A Avolution Menthol 03

This green flavor can also symbolize the taste of menthol which is one of the elements present in this cigarette. The color combination of the packaging is also attractive and also balanced.

The basic silver color on the packaging does not reduce the beauty of the packaging design, it gives the impression of luxury. In addition, at the back there is also a brief description of the product.

The packaging itself is more concise so it is suitable to be carried anywhere more easily. When opened the green color will also be seen on the foil to maintain the quality of the product.

The packaging also mentions the contents of Sampoerna A Avaluation Slim Menthol products, amounting to 20 sticks. Modern cigarette packaging is tailored to the tastes of young people.

Sampoerna A Avolution Menthol 01

Sampoerna Avolution is a product that has a superslim characteristic stem so that when viewed in plain view it will be easy to recognize. This superslim appearance has made many people curious about the taste since it first appeared in 2008.

The emergence of both of these has also received many positive responses from the public. The cigarette stick still displays the words A on the top of the cigarette near the filter. The superslim does not have much effect on the taste produced when inhaled.

A softer and lighter sensation you will feel when trying to taste this product. For Sampoerna A Avolution has a distinctive taste with the addition of menthol which is not only refreshing but also soothing.

Sampoerna A Evolution Menthol 04

Another advantage is using quality tobacco which is a blend of Virginia and Madura tobacco where the resulting flavor will be very fitting and balanced. When the taste of tobacco is combined with menthol, the sensation given will increase.

Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol is a modern cigarette that is suitable for those of you who have a dynamic life. If you are a typical person who wants everything that is more concise and fast. Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol can be the right choice.

This cigarette has a relatively short burning duration, making it suitable for those of you who have a solid routine. Get a soothing sensation from menthol with faster suction and get your spirits back to continue your activities.

Sampoerna A Avolution Menthol 02

Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol gives you a different experience. Superslim rods and more compact packaging are typical of modern cigarettes.

You can find a different sensation from this cigarette with menthol flavor combined with the taste of tobacco which gives the right flavor when smoked.

A superslim look will not affect the strength of the flavor given, instead the softer the tobacco that is on the cigarette, the resulting flavor will be stronger.

Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol

For those of you who are always busy and still want to feel the sensation of this product because Sampoerna A Avolution Slim Menthol itself has a fairly short burning time and you can enjoy the taste more comfortably.

This cigarette has a very interesting innovation starting from the packaging with an epic silver base color and taste with a softer and soothing sensation.


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