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Sampoerna A Mild, is a filtered clove cigarettes produced by HM SAMPOERNA Tbk. Indonesia. Yes, it is a clove cigarette, but the taste and flavor lighter than unfiltered clove cigarettes.

This Sampoerna A Mild cigarettes blended use a special selected tobacco leaves, matured clove, and secret sauce of HM Sampoerna.

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Sampoerna A Mild

Sampoerna A Mild is very popular in Indonesia. Most of smokers in Indonesia already familiar with HM Sampoerna products, especially the unfiltered clove cigarette “234” Dji Sam Soe.

The brand so popular and deeply entrenched in the clove cigarettes smokers in Indonesia, it is the brand of a top class.

That is why, when the company produced these new filtered clove cigarettes, they consider with the quality of Dji Sam Soe 234 clove cigarettes.

Sampoerna A Mild Packs

Sampoerna A Mild size thinner than unfiltered cigarettes, slim, bold, all wrapped with white color cigarette paper.

Coming in white color paper flip-top box with a red square in the middle with an white logo in the middle of the red square, of 16 sticks.

When take out one stick of cigarette from the box, it is a slim stick, the smell is not as strong as clove cigarette. The first puff after light-up, it is light, soft and no buffeting heat as a clove cigarettes.

Sampoerna A Mild Review

It is spicy as Sampoerna pattern from the cloves, a little bit sweet, and fruity. The cigarette contains of 14 mg Tar and 1 mg Nicotine.

The price in Indonesia is a little bit expensive comparing with the other brands, in the international market it selling at $ 3.8 or at the Online shops it is about $ 2.8 per pack (2019).

Sampoerna developing the A Mild since 1987 for almost two years before it launching into the market.

It is carefully blended by using a selected high quality tobacco leaves and cloves, formulation of special sauce, and strictly quality control due to get a high quality of product, and in consider with the reputation of 234 clove cigarette.

The company is very considering with its long time reputation. Sampoerna A Mild release with a motto Taste of The Future”that the company has confident that this new filtered clove cigarette will be success in the market.

It is happen in the era of 1990, Sampoerna A Mild become popular beside its competitor LA Lights from Djarum group, and Starmild from Bentoel group. A Mild fight in the market with a spirit of “Go A Head”, and to be a market leader at its class.

Back to the taste, after the first puff, one-third phase of smoking it is clear the taste of high quality Javanese tobacco, it is recognizing from its aroma, event it is mixed with some others tobacco leaves it might be Virginian and Oriental tobaccos.

And, the light spicy of the mature clove, plus a taste of The House of Sampoerna special sauce that giving an earthy and fruity flavors. Thanks to Putera Sampoerna and their tobacco connoisseur effort to developed this.

The two-third phase the taste become strongest than the beginning, the consistent of burn, smooth and bold. The spicy of the clove gained its dominant but still balance with the taste of the tobacco and sauce. 

Finally, similar to the most clove cigarettes, it is warmer of clove and tobacco flavor, spicy, earthy fruity taste and sweet still happen, it is like liquor sweet.

Overall, Sampoerna A Mild truly given a smooth and light of smoking and a distinct impression, that is nearly no throat hit.

With that taste and flavor, Sampoerna A Mild will be accepted not only by the Indonesian clove cigarette lovers, but also internationally.

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Sampoerna A Mild Review
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Sampoerna A Mild Review
Sampoerna A Mild from PT HM Sampoerna are one of the most popular clove cigarettes in Indonesia because of their low tar and nicotine content.
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