Sampoerna (234) Super Premium

Dji Sam Soe is a popular clove cigarette from Indonesia for over 60 years. The original Dji Sam Soe able gained the best seller clove cigarette without advertisement until 1970s. By the advertisement it becomes more popular.

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium produced by HM Sampoerna, one of the big cigarette producers in Indonesia.

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium Rokok

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium, originally blended uses selected aged Madura tobacco leaves, high quality clove and company secret sauce, deliver consistent taste and flavor.

This time that is many variant of Dji Sam Soe clove cigarettes, one of that is Dji Sam Soe Super Premium.

This Premium quality of clove cigarette blended uses selected Madura and American tobacco leaves, high quality clove and special sauces, that giving HM Sampoerna high standard taste, flavor and aroma.

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium 01

The cigarette contain 39 mg Tar and 2.3 mg Nicotine, coming with a special design pack in dominant black color and gold color of articles contain 12 non filter clove cigarettes.

Every Dji Sam Soe Super Premium cigarette inside the box wrapped with a gold color special wrapped paper (as seen in the pictures).

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium Review

According to the experienced, this Dji Sam Soe Super Premium is an improvement of the original one (yellow soft paper packs).

More easy to smoke, means no any preparation for light-up the cigarette, just open the gold paper wrapper and then directly light-up for the first puff, that is no need to rub the cigarette.

The burn also consistent, from the light-up until finish the taste and flavor is consistent, but near the tipping – close to the yellow band – it is warmer.

For the smoker that familiar with Dji Sam Soe original cigarette, this Dji Sam Soe Super Premium is the best improvement of the cigarette.

Even the taste and flavor lighter than the original, but it given a satisfaction both on the taste, flavor and the aroma.

Dji Sam Soe
Dji Sam Soe (kretek cigarettes)

The taste of spicy peppery and sweet clove, and the earthy fruity of the best tobacco, given a nice sensation for smoking clove cigarettes.

The tobacco taste is true likes a mixed of Madura, American Virginia, and Oriental tobaccos.

The key of the taste, flavor and aroma is on the sauce and the balance mixed of different tobacco leaves.  Thanks to the tobacco connoisseur in the factory.

Dji Sam Soe ( or Chinese terms of 2 3 4 – two three four), is not only a brand for the smokers in Indonesia, it is also a heritage – if that is not said as a smoking culture – for some people it seems to be a prestige if they smoke a Dji Sam Soe clove cigarette.

The cigarette has a strong image in the smoker’s community that is no other brand of cigarette that has a strong image like Dji Sam Soe. It is difficult for its competitors to gain the image like that.

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

No wonder if the company earning big revenue from this cigarette.  Nowadays, with their modern concept of branding, and keeping their traditional heritage, it will bring the brands as the best one.

In the Super Premium, the company not only improved on the rolled and blends quality, but also in the packing system.

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium 02

234 Super Premium

The packing systems will keep the humidity of the cigarette that will keep the quality remain consistent.

The packing is elegance and luxury for a clove cigarette, it is might be the idea is not only for a local consumers, but also for export.

It is recommended for the beginner to taste this clove cigarette to known the taste of Indonesian clove cigarettes.

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