Sampoerna Hijau Review

Sampoerna Hijau or Green Sampoerna is a hand-rolled clove cigarettes produced by PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk, nowadays a subsidiary of Philip Morris international (PMI completed the acquisition of 97.95% shares in May 2005).

The first released in 1968, this Sampoerna Hijau unfiltered clove cigarette coming with paper packaging with dominant light green color, contain of 12 sticks.

Sampoerna Hijau First Version
Sampoerna Hijau

Every stick has 38 mg of Tar and 2.2 mg Nicotine.

Sampoerna Hijau History

Sampoerna  or PT. Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk. (Public Limited), is the biggest tobacco company in Indonesia, founding in 1913, starting with product a clove cigarette branded “234” or Dji Sam Soe(Chinese dialect for two-three-four).

Dji Sam Soe is very popular clove cigarette among smokers in Indonesia at any social status level.

Strong taste and flavor, raw-cut tobacco and clove, very good taste company secret sauce made by HM Sampoerna tobacco connoisseur.

Sampoerna Hijau New Version
Sampoerna Hijau New Version

Sampoerna Hijau Review

Sampoerna Hijau clove cigarette is a light version of Dji Sam Soe, coming with the nearly same light green to dark yellow color of paper packaging; the different is a logo that the Sampoerna Hijau with a withe colors “A” antique capital letter in the middle of red square.

The tobacco and clove more fine-cut comparing with Dji Sam Soe, and also less crackling during smoking burn.

Sampoerna Hijau

As per the first launched of this Sampoerna Hijau, the selling price is cheaper than Dji Sam Soe, originally per pack contain of ten stick of cigarettes.

The taste also lighter than Dji Sam Soe, which is why some smokers said that this Sampoerna Hijau is, aimed the middle to low social level of smokers.

In regard to the selling price and the lighter taste and flavor, this Sampoerna Hijau hand rolled by using the lower grade quality of tobacco leaves comparing than Dji Sam Soe.

But the taste of the cloves and sauce still balance and smooth.

Sampoerna Products

If Dji Sam Soe packaging only with a paper – as a usual soft pack, this Sampoerna Hijau has an outer clear plastic wrapper, soft pack paper, and an inner foil packaging layer to maintained the humidity of the cigarettes.

The size of cigarette stick is standard Indonesian size of unfiltered clove cigarettes. Wrapped with white color cigarette paper with a yellow color mark as a tipping, with an “A” logo.

Bold and smooth hand-rolled, easy to light-up, consistent burn and easy to puffing. When the cigarette inserted into the lips, it taste sweet, and then when it light-up, the spicy taste of clove and the sauce coming together with the taste of tobacco.

Suggesting this clove cigarette blended by mixing of tobacco from Madura, Java Virginia, and Oriental.

A fine-cut of clove and traditional HM Sampoerna sauce that blend of many spices, giving the taste and flavor of this clove cigarette more riches; spicy, sweet, earthy and fruity.

A warm from the clove a little bit dominant since the beginning into finish of smoking. Not only the burn, the taste and flavor also consistent, it feels a complexity of flavor, and this cigarette has a strong throat hit.

Finally, this Sampoerna Hijau is the best choice as an alternative of Dji Sam Soe clove cigarette, cheaper and has a good taste.

Sampoerna Hijau Review
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Sampoerna Hijau Review
Sampoerna Hijau is a hand-rolled clove cigarettes (mild version of Dji Sam Soe) produced by PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk, (subsidiary of Philip Morris international)
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Smoking Room
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