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PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. or also widely known as Sampoerna is one of the biggest tobacco companies in Indonesia. It is a subsidiary as well as an affiliated company of the world’s leading tobacco company, Philip Morris International Inc.

Started from a family business, now Sampoerna has developed to be a huge public shareholding company in Indonesia with 28, 212 permanent employees and 39,200 more people hired to produce hand-rolled cigarettes through third party operators across Java.

There are more than one hundred sales and distribution centers all over Indonesia.



Sampoerna History and Timeline

Founded in 1913 by Liem Seeng Tee, he self-produced and sold the hand-rolled cigarettes located at his house in Surabaya, East Java. The cigarettes were sold with the Dji Sam Soe brand.

In 1930 the company was moved to a building complex in Surabaya and the building is named “Taman Sampoerna” and it is still producing hand-rolled cigarettes up until now.

30 years later around 1959, the second generation handed over the operation of the company with the production centered on hand-rolled cigarettes over the name of Sampoerna Hijau.

Sampoerna A Mild 01

The launching of Sampoerna A Mild in 1989 marked the use of the machine in cigarette production.

For a long time being a family company, Sampoerna finally becoming a public shareholding company in 1990 and starting to expand accompanied by an investment system.

2005 is the year when Sampoerna was majorly acquired by PT Philip Morris Indonesia (PMID) a subsidiary of Philip Morris International.

One year after that the first position of the share market in Indonesia was overtaken by Sampoerna with its products.

In 2015 Sampoerna finalized the rights issue in which the public company must have 7,5% or more paid-up capital owned by non-controlling shareholders and non-major shareholders.

IFR Asia Awards 2015 was given to Sampoerna for the breathtaking achievement in the industry by undertaking a 1:25 stock split.

This step was done to give a more affordable price of the stock for the investors and also to enlarge the base of retail investors. This year of 2019 Sampoerna reaches the 105 years of journeying this country.

Sampoerna Cigarettes

Sampoerna Company Vision Statement

The company vision statement is following the character of “Three Hands Philosophy”. The three hands are representing adult smokers as consumers, employees and business partners, and the last one is the society.

To achieve the company goal, those three elements are considered a must to be embraced.

Sampoerna Iqos

Sampoerna is fully aware that to keep leading and maintain the achievement in the cigarette industry, it is not only consumers who should be put first.

The staff, employees and also workers are determining the factor that can not be put aside. As well as consumers and staff, the contribution to society should also go more than words.



Staff Development

Responsible for running the company, keeping it on track and at the same time keep developing it to be a globally respected company, Sampoerna makes sure that the people inside are well maintained.

By ensuring that all talents responsible for the job feel respected and supported, with an aim that they will gladly and fully responsible together to achieve the company goal.

The management teams are experienced ones who will perform the best to manage 28,212 permanent employees of the company and subsidiaries.

Furthermore, there are 39,200 people are employed by the company’s third party who is in charge of producing hand-rolled cigarettes all over Java.




As one of the leading cigarette companies in Indonesia, Sampoerna makes sure the products have a high quality and well recognized by the people of the country.

This company is responsible for producing, marketing and distributing two kinds of cigarettes in Indonesia.

The first one is Hand-rolled Kretek cigarettes (SKT) which is also the product that was initializing the birth of the company. The second one is Machine-Made Kretek cigarettes (SKM).

Sampoerna Products

Not only selling its products, but Sampoerna is also distributing the product from, PT Philip Morris Indonesia (PMID). The brand of the product is Marlboro.

The products that Sampoerna sold are Dji Sam Soe, hand-rolled cigarettes, Sampoerna A, a machine clove cigarettes, Sampoerna U, a machine clove cigarettes, Sampoerna Hijau, hand-rolled cigarettes, Marlboro the machine white cigarette.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Established under the ‘Three Hands Philosophy‘, Sampoerna company committed to really live up to the values lies beneath it.

To satisfy the expectations of the three main elements which are adult smokers, employees and business partners, and the society, Sampoerna is focusing its effort on them.

In making the philosophy not just words, Sampoerna has been maximizing its effort by performing Corporate Social responsibility under the name of “Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia” (Sampoerna for Indonesia).

Sampoerna believes that putting the welfare of society is the same as investing in the business future.

The Sampoerna Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that this company performing is as follows:

  1. The category of Access to Education
    In the form of providing scholarships, after school program that is done in the tobacco growing area, and also the program to improve school quality.
  2. The category of Economic Opportunity
    This includes the Rice intensification program, the SME development program, and also Sampoerna entrepreneurship training center.
  3. The category of Women empowerment
    The actions belong to this category are community learning group and the empowerment of women who performing micro-business.
  4. Disaster Relief and Preparedness category

There are 4 actions included in this category. They are disaster preparedness training, free medical service for the community, Sampoerna Rescue Team (SAR), also more than 50 humanitarian missions all over Indonesia.

The Sampoerna rescue has been active for more than 14 years with the range of local and national rescue level. The humanitarian missions are broken down into providing medical services in many areas and have to savor more than 13000 people.

Sampoerna Rescue Training Center established in 2012 has provided training in some institutions, including in them, many universities, national disaster management agency, Red Cross Indonesia Malang, some regional disaster management agencies in some cities in East Java, also in Pidie Jaya, and Bima. This program has been beneficial for almost 600 people.

Sampoerna has been not just a company. It is a company with great vision and lives by it. it will continue to be a responsible company for the prosperity inside and out.


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