Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Italian Classic Pipe

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Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipes

For the pipe smoker that love briar wood pipe in prime quality hand crafting by experienced pipe-maker, that is the right choice if selected Savinelli pipe.

Achille Savinelli SR the founder of the brand has an experience in the smoking business since 1876 when he has a store that exclusively selling smoking article in the center of Milan, Italy.

Later on the business spread into a production of pipe for smoking tobacco. So, they know exactly what they are doing in production a quality pipe.

Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipes Arcobaleno Smooth Blue 111

To see exactly the quality of Savinelli product, among other is Arcobaleno Smooth Blue 111This pipe is very pretty look and straight Billiard shape.

The royal blue color it is make the pipe is looks luxurious hand-carved craftsmanship.



  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Length: 15.5 cm
  • Diameter of Chamber: 2 cm
  • Depth of Chamber: 4 cm
  • Bowl Height: 5 cm
  • Bowl Width: 4 cm
  • Filter: 6 mm
  • Shape: Brandy
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Pipe Material: Briar wood
  • Finishing: Smooth
  • Quality: Savinelli Standard quality
  • Mouthpiece: Tapered Acrylic (Fishtail)

In 1948 Savinelli factory & workshop opened for producing prestige pipe for worldwide market. With Savinelli pipe, the market knowing the quality of Italian pipe that able to compete with the other country products.


Savinelli success in marketed a high quality pipe making their products have a same position with other county high quality products of pipe.

There is a high standard for pipe of global basis. During that time the company already running by Achille Savinelli Sr, named Achille Jr.

Achile Jr. has a good talent and instinct in this business, beside his high taste.  Savinelli able produced not only high quality of pipe, but also an excellent shape.

The Savinelli reputation takes over by Giancarlo, a successor of Achile Jr. after he left the company. Today, with the new energy of Giancarlo the company continuing their production activity with some new idea.


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