Selecting Cigar to Buy

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Smoking cigar is about satisfaction, have a good quality cigar, good taste and flavor. That is why it has to be careful when choosing cigar or selecting cigar to buy.

It may want to get into the habit of inspecting the cigar to ensure its quality. Being made by hand, even the most reputable cigar brands can host a few defects.

So, do not take it for granted to buy a cigar, especially for the beginner. It is better if having a little bit knowledge about the cigar, or asking to the guy at the humidor or cigar shop for guidance when selecting cigar to buy.

These can include any of the following:

  1. Dull Color:
    Caused by dry storage or improper cultivation.
  2. Spots or Blemishes:
    Indications of faulty curing or fungus disease.
  3. Mould:
    Caused by storing in high humidity.
  4. Tears:
    Can be due to mishandling but may suggest dry storage conditions.
  5. Holes:
    Likely caused by beetle infestation.
  6. Soft Spots:
    Suggests improper rolling, which will burn unevenly.
  7. Hardness:
    May mean that the cigar was rolled too tight, which will affect the draw.
  8. Ridges:
    A lump that runs along the cigar suggests too much tobacco was packed in the roll.
  9. Irregular Shape:
    Like the above, suggests that the tobacco was unevenly rolled.

Always ask a vendor for permission to inspect the cigars by touching them. Feel free to ask a vendor about storage conditions too.

For instance, cigars should be stored in a humidity environment that ranges between 65-70%. Any less may dry out the cigars whilst any more can cause the outbreak of mould.

Rolling a cigar between your fingers should give a faint crackling sound. This will tell you if the humidity is within the range mentioned above. If the sound is too loud, it may be too dry. However, if you can’t hear anything at all, it’s likely too moist.

Finally, be very gentle when handling the cigar. After all, it doesn’t belong to you just yet. A gentle pinch along the body should suffice to assess its consistency and hardness.

When buying cigars online, you won’t get this opportunity until you’ve bought the cigars, which is one of the risks when saving money.


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