Shisha History

The History of Shisha

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Shisha history – Shisha is also known as Hookah. Shisha is a way of smoking tobacco that is soaked and given certain flavors.

What makes it unique is it uses a tube or pipe. The tube is tall and slim with one or more hoses connected to it. On the top part of the tube, there is a place to burn tobacco.

The working process is similar to pipes, where chopped tobacco is placed in the top part and burning charcoal is placed on top of the tobacco.

Shisha History

Shisha has a long history. This tool is expected to be created back then in the 16th century in India or in the 17th century in Persia.

Some literature mentioned that Hookah was from India and had been there before Indians in the United States smoked tobacco.

Even though there are the ones say that Hookah was from Persia, another version says that Hookah was from India and established in Arab regions.


In the Arab region, Hookah changed the name into shisha. Besides shisha, Hookah is also known as Lulava or Lula in Albania. While in Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Palestina, and Israel, shisha is more known as Argilee.

The first time Hookah is found, it was usually made from copper materials. But today, it is more commonly made from a stainless steel material or iron material.

The use of Hookah at that time was also related to someone’s prestige. Only those who were from a respected group who were able to smoke shisha.

Besides as another name of Hookah, shisha actually also refers to chopped tobacco that is soaked in honey.

Sometimes the chopped tobacco is also mixed with various other flavors, such as mint, apples, oranges, and so on.

Shisha is getting very famous nowadays, especially among young adults. When cigarettes were not allowed in restaurants or coffee shops back then, but now shisha even becomes an additional menu in most coffee shops or cafes.

Regardless of the popularity, research performed by the World Health Organization or WHO showed that shisha is not less dangerous from cigarettes. The water featured in shisha cannot reduce the dangers of tobacco and nicotine contained.

Even the research showed that smoking shisha for an hour is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes.

The chemicals contained in shisha’s such as carbon monoxide, arsenic, and tar are higher than cigarettes.

That is the shisha history you might want to know.


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