The Reason Why Some Smokers Love to Smoke Shisha


Nowadays, there are some smoking methods available. One of them is shisha and it becomes a popular smoking method because of the design of the smoking kit.

Some smokers said that shisha gives a great sensation than any other traditional smoking methods. Let’s learn more about shisha, especially if you want to try this smoking method for the first time.

About Shisha Smoking  

Let’s talk about shisha history first before discussing smoking shisha. Based on the shisha kit, you can predict that this smoking method is coming from the Middle East and some parts of Asia.

It is a different smoking method than any other smoking methods because you need a bowl and a hose or tube to smoke. Due to the uniqueness of the method as well as the sensation, smoking shisha becomes the latest trend for young people in the U.K.

So, what is shisha? Actually, shisha is the name of the kit in which it is a water pipe with a hose or tube. To make the kit works, you have to add the kit with tobacco, water, flavoring, and charcoal.

It worked by using the heat from the burned charcoal to produce smoke. The smoke runs into a water container and it turns into bubbles. Use the hose or tube to inhale the smoke.

A Variety of Shisha

There are a variety of shishas available in the market along with similar design. It makes you get confused to choose the best one, especially if you want to buy shisha for the first time. To make it easier, you can just learn the type of shisha.

Tangiers Shisha 

If you want to smoke Shisha with a strong flavor, you can try Tangiers shisha. A serious smoker loves the kicking sensation while smoking this type of shisha. There are three different types of Tangiers shisha which are Tangiers Noir, Tangiers Birquq, Tangiers Burley, and Tangiers F-Line.

Tangiers Burley is Shisha with a higher level of nicotine whereas Tangiers F-Line is shisha with a higher level of caffeine.

Starbuzz Shisha 

Do you like to try Shisha in a variety of flavors? If it is so, Starbuzz shisha is the best option. It is also a great shisha for fun in which you can make big clouds from the smoke. There are two different Starbuzz shishas which are OG Starbuzz and Starbuzz Bold.

Haze Shisha 

If you really care about the prestigious sensation while smoking shisha, you have to smoke Haze shisha. This type of shisha as a lot of users because of its unique flavors and ingredients. You are about to smoke shisha made of the bright golden tobacco leaves.

Fumari Shisha 

It is considered as one of the most delicious flavor shishas. Fumari shisha is mixed with a higher level of glycerin or molasses to create more clouds. If you can heat the charcoal properly, you can create thicker smoke.

The Way to Smoke Shisha 

Smoking Shisha is different from a traditional cigarette. It is because you have to use charcoal and some tools to smoke shisha. You don’t need to worry because smoking shisha is not as complicated as you can imagine. The explanation below shows how to smoke shisha properly.

Prepare the Shisha Kits

Smoking shisha tobacco takes time because you have to set the shisha kit. At the same time, this is the fun part of smoking shisha.

First, pour water about 1 inch or 2.5 cm from the surface of the bowl.

Second, assemble the shisha kit and you can read the instruction as well as see the pictures carefully. Third, when it is ready, test the airflow by inhaling through the hose and make sure that there is no trickle.

Smoking Shisha

While smoking shisha, you are also learning about shisha ingredients.

First, open the container of the shisha and pour the tobacco. Stir the tobacco until it is moist and clump-free.

Second, when the texture of the tobacco is just like what you want, cover the bowl with foil. The foil helps to control the heat and prevent overheating. Just make sure that the foil covers the bowl perfectly and low enough to prevent burning taste. Make some small holes in the foil such as 4 to 15 holes.

Third, burn the charcoal for about 10 to 30 seconds. Don’t burn charcoal too long because it produces poisonous smoke.

Fourth, use the charcoal to warm the bowl by putting the charcoals at the top of the foil and wait for a few minutes.

Fifth, inhale the smoke by using the hose gently. Don’t inhale too fast to prevent overheating. For a more comfortable and cool sensation, it is better to wait for 1 to 2 minutes between each inhale.

The Health Effects of Smoking Shisha Tobacco 

Just like a traditional tobacco cigarette, shisha tobacco contains nicotine. Because of that, there are some shisha effects you need to consider, especially for your health.

Nicotine triggers a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, lung cancer, and many more. There is a healthier alternative in which you can smoke shisha without tobacco.

In this case, the tobacco is substituted with herbs and molasses and it is claimed to be healthier shisha.

The information above explains that shisha vs cigarettes is different. The main ingredient might be the same but the kit is totally different. Because of the kit, smokers feel a great smoking sensation than smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Some smokers even said that shisha can be used as a drug. Is shisha a drug? There are still pros and cons on it although it is often used in alternative medication treatment.


Smoking Shisha becomes a new trend due to the smoking method and unique kit. Based on the ingredient, shisha is similar to traditional cigarette because it uses tobacco although you can smoke shisha without tobacco.

There are pros and cons related to shisha for health. The most important thing is that you can control the way smoking shisha. Don’t smoke shisha to much and smoke it properly to prevent some risks including overheating.

In the end, you can enjoy shisha anytime you want along with the best sensation just like what you are expected than smoking a traditional cigarette.


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