Sinergi Mind Herbal Cigarettes

Have you ever heard of a cigarette called the Sin Sinergi Mind? If you have not, then boy do we have a treat for you.

Sin Sinergi Mind, often called as Sin Mind is a cigarette that is made completely out of several natural herbs and claimed not to use any chemical in their product. This is quite an impressive thing for a clove cigarette.

Sin Mind Herbal Cigarette

Herbal Cigarettes

This product was distributed by PT. Tridaya Sinergi, which is also popular for its other herbal cigarettes.

Although Sin Sinergi Mind labeled as herbal cigarette, this cigarette still contain very small amount of tobacco as their ingredients.

Compared to other cigarettes, Sin Mind stil have lowest nicotine in Indonesia. Sinergi Mind have 0.15mg nicotine and 16.77mg tar.

Cigarette Herbal

Before we talk about what is inside this cigarette, let’s talk about the design first. The Sin Sinergi Mind was designed for young people. And, of course, the manufacturer did a really good job at that.

The cigarette pack that carries Sin Sinergi Mind cigarettes uses white as its base color. The front of the box is divided by a straight line in the middle, where one side is filled with edgy diamonds and the other side has the brand name on it.

A pack of Sin Sinergi Mind is filled with 16 tasty herbal cigarettes that you can immediately enjoy.

Sinergi Mind

One of the reasons why this cigarette is very popular among young people is because of its price. A pack of 16 cigarettes will only cost you around $1.5, which is quite affordable considering that you are buying a pack of cigarettes that are made out of all-natural herbs that you can immediately smoke and enjoy on a nice evening.


Next, let’s talk about the ingredients in this cigarette product. Because this cigarette is made out of natural herbs, you will not find any chemical in it.

The Rokok Herbal Sinergi Mind is made out of exactly 17 different herbs that you can find in Indonesia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Sin Herbal Cigarettes

This combination of natural herbs creates quite a unique taste to this cigarette. There is also just a little bit of tobacco and nicotine in this herbal cigarette. You will not be able to find a similar taste to what this cigarette has to offer.

Once you take a drag of this cigarette, you will be able to feel and taste all sorts of things. First of all, this cigarette will feel very smooth in your throat so you do not have to worry about hurting your throat.

Second of all, you will immediately feel the spicy and savory taste that is like no other cigarette that you have ever tasted.

Sin Rokok Herbal

Before you even lit this cigarette up, you will also be able to smell the unique aroma from this cigarette, which is probably thanks to the variety of all-natural herbs that are used to create this cigarette.

To sum it all up, the Sin Sinergi Mind is the perfect herbal cigarette that you can easily buy. The combination of 17 different natural herbs allows this cigarette to taste very natural without any chemical aftertaste to it.

Go get yourself a pack of Sin Sinergi Mind right now before it runs out.


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