Smoking and Fashion: Cigarettes as Fashion Accessory

Throughout the 20th century, smoking and fashion industry were linked closely.

Fashion industry, which known for its rebellious spirit and provoking new ideas, began to be filled with images of models holding a cigarette in advertorial and photoshoots.

British fashion editor and stylist Marian Kwei stated: “We know smoking isn’t good for us.

The problem with fashion is it’s about rebellion. It’s about conceiving new ideas and getting the public to see it from the designer’s perspective.”

When Kate Moss walked on the runway of Paris Fashion Week 2011, she showed an edgy look with an all-black outfit while puffing on a cigarette.

Marc Jacobs, who designed that outfit, stated that the cigarette really complemented her look and made her look sharper and a woman that you could not underestimate

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