Smoking Area Isn’t for Smoker

Have you ever gone to smoking area in public place? How was the smoking area? was it good or not?

Well in my opinion, smoking area is not for smoker. If it’s the real smoking room, it must have fulfilled the criteria of a good place for smoking.

Many smoking room that I have seen and visited are horrible. But before I explain you more about smoking area, let me show you this video.

What is your opinion about that smoking room? Sad indeed. It seems like they are smoking in a toilet.

As a smoker, I completely disagree with this kind of condition. A smoking area needs to be larger and also filled by ventilation so the smoke will not stay inside the area.

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But look at the video, it seems there is only one ventilation that makes the smoke can’t go out except from the door where people come and go.

If non-smokers have their rights to be away from cigarette smoke, we also do have rights to smoke in a better place and not like in this place.

Smoking Area

We have rights too to speak about what we are suffering as a smoker. We confront many bad things by being smoker like the increase of cigarette price, smoking as taboo activity, and also bad smoking room or smoking area.


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