Smoking Cabin That Converts Cigarette Smoke Into Clean Air

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The number of smokers in the world may not only be as much as terracotta statues, but it is as much as the pebbles on a rocky mountain.

This large number of smokers will certainly have negative outputs for the environment, which is in the form of the smoking waste.

There are three types of waste produced from a single cigarette, which comprised of its butt, ash, and smoke.

The cigarette butts and smoke are the real problem for humans. How many cigarette butts are scattered and thrown away in the land and water? It has been too much.

These cigarette butts will definitely damage the environment; they are difficult to decompose in soil or water. In addition, the smoke also disrupts environmental welfare.

Cigarette smoke is believed to contribute to the occurrence of global warming because it contains CO2 gas. In response to cigarette smoke, several inventions are made.

The best breakthrough done by humans is the manufacture of machine that can convert cigarette smoke into oxygen. The followings are the solutions implemented by the Singapore government to reduce the impact of smoking on the environment.


Singapore is famous as a small developed country. The country has implemented a solution to provide justice to smokers and non-smokers. In this ‘Country of a Thousand Prohibitions’, there are smokers’ cabins. The size is about 6.25 meters in the square shape with a perfect mini window on each side.

This cabin is designed to be energy efficient because it is accompanied by an automatic on-off feature. This cigarette smoke filtering machine will automatically turn off after the user leave the room for 15 minutes.

The lights in the cabin will automatically turn off if the sensor does not detect any movement in the cabin for 10 minutes. The AC engine in the cabin will be turned off as well from 10 pm to 6 am.

According to research and surveys, this cabin can produce clean air from the cigarette smoke due to the three-stage filtration system in the cabin. This filtration system starts with a Pre-Filter to remove large dust particles.

Then, it is followed by a HEPA filter that functions to remove harmful micro particles. It ends by activating carbon filters to remove the smell of tobacco and chemicals from cigarette smoke.

In addition to air conditioning and cigarette smoke filters, this cabin has an ashtray as well as a cigarette butt dump. This feature is added because the impact of cigarette butts on the environment is crucial. I

t is recorded that every year, there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts waste that potentially pollute the environment. These cigarette butts have dangerous substances that can cause poisoning. Inside this butt dump, there is solid gas that can light off the cigarette when it comes in due to the lack of oxygen.

The container is estimated to hold up to 3,500 cigarette butts so it doesn’t have to be cleaned every day. The quality of the ashtray as well as the butt container has been tested by DBI, the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

This effort is nothing but a proof of human love and care for the environment. Smokers should pay attention to the place of smoking and also do not litter. So, it can create a zero waste environment as well as avoid the environmental damage.


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