Smoking Facts

Facts About Smoking Tobacco

Today, we all know a lot about the effects and dangers of smoking. Thanks to the decade years of studies about tobacco addiction.

In this article, you will find smoking facts and major statistics related to the effects of smoking tobacco.

Smoking Facts

For the person who enjoys smoking life is filled with bliss and enjoyment. This feeling of bliss masks the effects that smoking causes to the body.

When the various smoking facts are uncovered some people will find ways to quit smoking. Others will however pretend that nothing can go wrong. This includes the effects that are caused to your health.

Smoking Facts & Myths

You will find that smoking is portrayed as being as great way to enjoy life. This portrayal is one that does not do justice to the real smoking facts.

These facts which need to be understood are merely glossed over by cigarette manufacturers who will just provide you with the barest of warnings about the myriad of ill effects which happen with smoking.

Now if you are truly interested in finding some smoking facts there are various avenues where you can get this information.

Smoking Facts

You should read through the information carefully as it will be for the most part very technical in explanation.

In these various documents you will see how smoking can affect pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Just as an unborn child can get HIV or dependent on drugs while they are in their mother’s womb there is just as much chance of the baby becoming addicted to tobacco products.

Risk Of Smoking
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To prevent this from occurring mother’s to be are encouraged not to have any tobacco products during their term of pregnancy and while they are also breastfeeding their newborn.

The other little known smoking fact is that some of the ingredients which are found in cigarettes and other tobacco products are carcinogens.

This means basically that these substances can cause cancer and other health hazards which are not documented. One of the ingredients which you will find in cigarettes is that of arsenic.

This is a known poison and yet it is found in cigarettes along with that of carbon monoxide.

Smoking Facts Statistics

In other cases you will find that heart attacks and strokes have also been documented as being smoking related health effects.

The multitude of smoking facts that we do not know about are reasons why there are so many people who get hooked onto this detrimental health habit.

To learn more about these sometimes hidden smoking facts all you will need to do is to read various documents which will provide you with these facts. These smoking facts that you learn can help you to rediscover a way to a healthy life.

Health effects on your body

The cigarettes or other tobacco products, including the cigars and chewing tobacco, can cause or even worsen some diseases. Smoke tobacco can destroy almost every organ inside your body.

The long-term health issues of smoking, such as decreased lung capacity, stroke, heart, and other cancers.

So, it’s very common to minimize the symptoms and signs of lung damage including coughing, short breath, and repeated chest infections.

The good news is that you can see the health benefits only within 20 minutes of not smoking.

Smoking Facts
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Fast Smoking Facts

On average, the life-hope of the smoker is 10 years less than the non-smokers. Almost nine to ten smokers start before 18 years old and almost all start smoking around 26 years old

The cigarette smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals and 70 are known as the cancer triggers
Every day, more than 3200 children and teenagers under 18 years old just smoke their first cigarette.

There are around 2100 adults change into smokers every day, people who died from the smoking-related issues around 20 more people suffering from the smoking-related illness.

Facts About Smoking

Smoking was responsible above one to five deaths annually in the US – means that tobacco can cause around 480000 deaths per year and around 41000 of those deaths were caused by the exposure of the secondhand smokers.

Smoke tobacco can cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes stroke, and lung diseases. Tobacco is the main leading cause of death which can be prevented in the world.

Researches also tell us that almost no one starts to use tobacco after the age of 24. That’s why the best way to prevent smoke-related death is to ensure that children and teenagers never start to smoke tobacco.

The evidence also shows that they start to smoke tobacco in the younger age will be more likely being addictive and develop the smoking-related illness as they grow up.

Based on those smoking facts, so it’s very important to educate children related to the dangers or negative effects of tobacco use in order to prevent them from experimenting and being more addictive.

The parents should give positive examples by not smoking and keep their homes smoke free.


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