Smoking For Dummies: Do’s And Don’ts

Smoking is more than just buying a cigarette and then light it up. For noob smokers out there, you need several guides to show you how to smoke properly.

Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts of smoking.


Make sure you bring your ID. 

Government in every country places smoking ban for children. If you want to smoke, you have to be an adult first.

Usually in convenience store, if you are an adult but have not yet look like an adult, the store keeper would ask for your ID. Don’t be offended. It’s the way things are. Just make sure you bring your ID.

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Clean up after yourself.

Cigarette butts may seem small. But do you know that it is on of the most dangerous waste on earth?

Cigarette butts will poison the environment around it if you do not throw it into the trashcan. So clean up after yourself and put your cigarette butts into its proper place: the waste bin.

If needed, spray perfume after you smoke. 

Cigarettes reek. It always let out strong scent which probably would stay on your clothes for several hours.

If you have a plan on meeting someone who would not appreciate the smell of cigarettes, spray some perfume on yourself after smoking.


Don’t smoke where it is forbidden.

Some places are okay to smoke. Some are not. Remember to check for no smoking sign before you light the cigarettes in public places.


Don’t smoke for your friends. 

For you noob smokers, especially if you are new into adulthood, never smoke for your friends. If your friends are smokers, that is fine.

You need to realize that smoking is not the right way to make you seem cool in front of their eyes. Smoke for yourself. If you want to smoke, then smoke. Never do it because of social pressure.

Don’t be rude. 

Not everyone is smoker. You need to learn to respect people around you. Moreover, passive smokers do get affected by the smoke we exhale.

If you are surrounded by non smokers, it is better if you find a place to smoke privately. If it is not possible, make sure you ask their permission first.

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