Special Reserve Limited Edition 2015 Tobacco from Peterson

Celebrating 150 years craftsmanship and tradition in the industry, Peterson’s 2015 Special Reserve Limited Edition premium pipe tobacco release by the company as a truly luxury tobacco blended by expert for pipe.  This is a long line of yearly reserve tobacco from Peterson. It is offers ripe, loose-cut Virginia tobaccos mixed with burley and a mellow sweet superior Black Cavendish to give a touch of sweetness and the perfect natural taste. The flavors of these superior tobaccos come though naturally and are enhanced by the light addition of casing and topping, which is elegantly sweet and fruity. The pleasant room note expounds quality tobacco that is sweet and light.

As a loose cut and alluring to the eye, chunky golden brown ribbon laid upon russet brown, amidst bistre, taupe and black.  Upon opening the tin, it will raise a well balanced aroma of sweet summer fruit wine tempts the nose, compliment the natural tobacco flavor of the fine base leaves.  Patiently preparing for smoking, this is a ready rubbed tobacco belnd.  Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment. As the flame touch the surface it catches and burn, the first puff will come to the mouth and feel the taste….   , some people said that “It is a long, relaxing, cool smoke that would aid in contemplative meditation.”

This excellent aromatic pipe tobacco described as:

Contents: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia tobacco leaves

Family: Virginia

Cut: Ribbon

Strength: Medium

Brand: Peterson

Blender: Kohlhase & Kopp

Manufactured by: Peterson

Blend type: Aromatic

Flavor: Fruit/Citrus

Cut: Mixture

Package: 100 grams square tin

This Peterson’s 2015 Special Reserve Limited Edition according to the information only produced 230 tins, release in the United Kingdom, it is not going to be around for long.

This tobacco available in the online stores……..

Peterson’s tobacco offer a glimpse behind the curtain to peer at the most understated of aromatics. Many pipe smokers fall into step with a mild snobbishness regarding an aromatics, thinking them all cloying, nectarous disguises for cheap tobacco. Peterson’s seasonal tins for 2015 is every bit the opposite of that assessment.  It’s most stripped-down aromatics when it smoked.  For all the mildness are rich with flavor, using their gossamer-thin seasonings to merely accentuate the qualities that already present in the constituent of the leaves.

Special Reserve 2015: The Peterson Special Reserve 2015 is a luxurious pipe tobacco blend, released in the year that marks Peterson’s 150th anniversary. Ripe, loose cut Virginia tobaccos are mixed with Burley and a mellow Cavendish to give a touch of smoothness and the perfect natural tobacco taste.

Pic credit: Peterson.


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