Taking Care of Your Electronic Cigarette


Speaking of costs, electronic cigarette is rather more expensive than other kind of cigarette.

This is because when you want to use electronic cigarette, you need to buy its component as well, such asatomizer, coil wire, cotton vape, battery, mod, and other additional equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of these components from damage so that they remain durable and can be used for a long time.

Electronic Cigarette Danger
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Here are the tips on treating your electronic cigarette in order to be more durable based on its components.

Besides the health reason, cleaning the atomizer of your electronic cigarette also affects the durability of the atomizer itself.

The atomizer should be cleansed with a cotton bud so that the liquid that has crusted under the coil can be removed.

Clean the atomizer once every 3 days. Don’t forget to change the cotton and the coil. Cotton and coil are normally replaced once every 3 days, since in that time period the quality of the wire and cotton has decreased.

The possibility of the wire rusting if you don’t change it may happen. If it is left unchecked, this condition will affect the endurance of the atomizer, and also will probably interfere with body health.

Therefore, pay attention to the cleanness of the atomizer.

The first step that must be done is to ensure that the mod batteries are original; the use of a fake battery that can damage the mod, and even endanger the users.

After knowing the quality of the battery, you need to pay attention to the way of using the battery; try not to spend battery completely.

Leave about 20% to prevent damage to the battery. The damage usually affects the battery endurance.

In the process of charging, make sure the battery is not charged for a long time. Try to use the battery charger that has the battery power status indicator. Excessively charged will only damage the battery.

E Cigarette Starter Kit
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This step is the most important step as the case of mod explosion is caused by the over-usage. In smoking electronic cigarette, it’s important to know the appropriate ohm and mod settings for your own mod.

Wrong setting can lead to the unstable power press and the mod explosion. One thing to remember for electronic cigarette users, do not use your electronic cigarette when it is being charged.

Therefore, be patient and wait until the battery is full. Do not forget to lock or turn off the electronic cigarette if you don’t use it for a long time.

It is to prevent the unwanted firing button pressing that may cause the coil to burn the cotton.

Disassemble the mod to clean its inside, starting from the component parts of the mod to the battery compartment.

This can reduce the risk of shouting out due to the dust that might enter and disrupt the flow of electricity.

Taking care for the electronic cigarette is fairly easy, but indeed it needs perseverance and consistency to maintain its condition.

Besides, it is essential for the electronic cigarette user to avoid the unhealthy smoke due to the dirty coil or cotton as well as the danger of mod explosions. Let’s stay safe!


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