Tastiest Vape Juice On The Market

Switching vape juice is a natural thing for vapers. Sometimes we are curious to try new juices with different types, flavors or characteristic from the juice that we are using at the current time.

Yet, confusion will appear when we don’t know which juice we will use next. This happens because there are so many vape juices available on the market, both imported and local, that we can buy through online store or nearest vape store.

Tastiest E Liquids

Usually, vape users will choose their juice based on its flavor intensity, the amount of steam produced, or the nicotine content.

This article will provide some of the most tastiest vape juice on the market based on the category or type, namely:

  • Fruity Juice (with a basic taste of fruits),
  • Creamy Juice (with creamy taste) because most of the available vape juices are included in this type, although there are other types as well.

Naked Lava Flow Eliquids

The Most Delicious Juice of the Fruity Category

Naked 100

The dominance of bananas over strawberries and kiwi will make you feel at ease sucking it all day long.

Everything tastes like natural fruit, even after too much vaping there will be a banana flavour left in your mouth, just like after you eat a banana.

The perfect juice!

Naked Amazing Mango Juice

You could say Naked 100 is the king of fruity vape, a lot of people like almost every variant they offer.

However, Lava Flow and Amazing Mango are the two juice that are ranked at the top and the taste will definitely make you addicted.

    1. Lava Flow
      The right combination of strawberry, coconut and pineapple. Coconut flavour in this vape juice does not dominate but give a slightly creamy or rather savoury taste. The strawberry flavour feels natural instead of artificial. The pineapple gives a fresh and sweet taste. All of this mixed flavour gives the sensation of strawberry vaping that is different and tastier.
    2. Amazing Mango
      The best taste of mango on the market, period. The taste of peach feels accurate and sweet with a hint of creamy taste. Compared to other juices, Amazing Mango has a higher throat hit.

Molly By Modus

Molly by Modus

Imagine dried strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar, that’s what you will get with Molly by Modus, no more and no less.

The great thing is this juice accurately produces the acidic part of strawberry, so even though the strawberry flavour is sweet with a sprinkle of sugar, you can still feel the sour taste mixed evenly.

A unique and different vaping experience if you are bored with most strawberry flavours on the market.

Note: this liquid has started to dwindle in the market. The item that you found on stores is most likely old stock, so make sure you check the expiration date before buying.

We recommend that you buy a product with 6 months period before it expired.

Blunanarilla Eliquids

Blunanarilla is one of the local juices that many people like. The combination of blueberries, banana and creamy flavour makes it difficult for vapers to stop buying it from time to time.

Banana flavour dominates the juice, followed by delicious blueberries. This flavour is wrapped with a creamy vanilla flavour that has a premium taste.

Most people do not believe that this is a local juice. You must try it!

Burst Unicorn Ejuice

Burst by Unicorn

Even though the taste isn’t as complex as Funky Monkey, Burst isn’t boring at all. Sweet and slightly sour (which is difficult to describe, imagine you start feeling sour but it is not that strong).

Note: Burst has begun to decrease in the market too. The existing items are most likely old batches, make sure you check the expiration date before buying.

We recommend you to buy stock with at least 6 months before expiration date.

Tastiest Vape Juice

The Most Delicious Juice in Creamy Category

  1. Croissant by Café Racer
    Update: Don’t buy the latest version! The latest version which uses plastic bottles tastes terrible and makes you nauseous.Don’t know what happened, but the latest version is inappropriate to be called vape juice, it is not suitable for consumption. The characteristics of the latest version are using plastic bottles, and the colour is dark brown, even though it’s said to be a new item.The old version, however, tastes very pleasant. The juice colour should be just like the picture above. Just like eating a croissant, not just any croissant, but good croissants. The great thing is Cafe Racer managed to create a taste of pastry without the taste of batter.

    Moreover, almond flavour and Belgian chocolate add a slightly bitter, sweet, and crispy pastry flavour complexity. Amazing pastry juice!

  2. Blueberries by Jam MonsterMake toast with plentiful blueberry jam, then give a little butter to make it tasty. Is that how you make your toast? If so, you will understand why I like Blueberry by Jam Monster so much.Amazingly, this juice will confuse you in deciding whether it is a fruity or creamy juice category.

    This is a very solid juice all around, starting from the cheap price, cotton bacon bonus, until its amazingly good taste.

  3. Campfire
    Burning chocolate-coated biscuits and marshmallows when camping may not be Indonesian culture. But from Campfire you will get a taste of chocolate biscuits flanking a marshmallow.But that’s not all. Generally they will put these biscuits on fire to melt the marshmallow, adding a charred flavour that is also cleverly replicated in this juice. A must try!


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