The Evolution of Mild Seven to Mevius



Mild Seven known for its smooth cigarettes with clean finish, has been the best selling brand in Japan since 1978, a year after it was launched.

But now we no longer could find Mild Seven in the market, Japan Tobacco Inc. changed the name of its flagship cigarette brand from “Mild Seven” to “Mevius” in a bid to expand its global market share.

In their heyday, they were the 5th best-selling cigarette in the world. As of today, there may still be a few Mom and Pop stores carrying this iconic brand but better smoke’em  while you got them—soon they will vanish in a cloud of mild smoke.


Mild Seven propelled around 1977, was Japan’s driving national brand of cigarettes with a 30 percent portion of the household showcase.

Notwithstanding, as of late, the utilization of “mild” in the product’s name stirred contention since imply couldn’t help thinking that the cigarettes were some way or another less destructive than different brands.

Japan takes a very mild attitude towards smoking. Most life insurance companies neither penalize or reward smokers versus non-smokers. In other words, smoking in Japan doesn’t effect your life insurance payments either way in most cases.

For those who are worried that their favorite cigarette is gone, fear not. The taste and composition of the Mevius cigarette will remain unchanged and over the next years, JT will gradually introduce the Mevius brand in international markets while solidifying brand recognition in Japan.

According to JT, the company selected the Mevius name to maintain continuity with its predecessor: both include the letters “M” and “S.” JT did not consider changing the name to Masochistic Seven or do an about face and call it Harsh Seven.

No one is sure what the Seven in Mild Seven really refers to, unless smoking is consider the mildest of the seven deadly sins.


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