The Haunting Pipe Tobacco from Warped

The Haunting Pipe Tobacco is a product of pipe tobacco collaboration between Warped Cigars with Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobacco.

This new products announced both by Kyle Gellis – President of Warped Cigars and Laudisi Enterprises.

Laudisi Enterprises is the parent company of and Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobacco.

This project is a hard work effort for over several months of Kyle Gellis, President or Warped Cigars and Jeremy Reeves, Head Blender of Cornell & Diehl to bring the blending process of Warped Cigars to the pipe tobacco world, means a beginning with the new blend, The Haunting Pipe Tobacco.


The idea to produce The Haunting is to make a bridge between tobacco pipe and boutique of cigars.

That is why; Warped decided to use varietal tobacco leaves that usually uses in some of Warped Cigars, there are a blend of Virginia Tobaccos and AA Dominican Criollo leaf.

It is said to offer a full, balanced profile that’s strong enough to satisfy cigar smokers yet complex enough to hold the interests of pipe smokers.

While many pipe tobacco blends on the market feature cigar leaf, the Haunting showcases the natural nuances of its AA Dominican Criollo tobacco.  Its base is rich, dark, and earthy, with brighter highlights and a creamy finish.

They are aim that The Haunting wills bridges the gap between fine pipe tobacco and boutique cigars, offering full balanced profile that is strong enough to satisfy cigar smokers, and complex enough to hold the interest of pipe smokers.

Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobacco have a long experienced in the pipe tobacco production.  Starting with a small industry at Tarler garage in Pennsylvania in 1990, then in 1994 move to Morganton, North Carolina, until merger with Laudisi Enterprises in 2014, then move to Longs, South Carolina. And in 2018 they have more new large facility to products finest pipe tobaccos.

Cornell and Diehl has been producing high quality pipe tobacco, expertly blended by hand, with unique recipes, and no small amount of innovation. In early years they focused on English blends rather than the American Virginia.

Head blender Jeremy Reeves keeps that tradition alive.  From classic blends to mixtures that employ innovative process likes Cornell & Diehl’s Red Virginia Cavendish as a lifetime favorite.   So far the company produces a roster of about 250 pipe tobacco blends.

Warped Cigars is well known as one of the fines premium quality cigar producers. Warped was started by Kyle Gellis a native of New York, who a passion for cigars.  He makes his own brands in 2009 for local Miami cigar smokers.

Today, Warped Cigars producing a prime quality cigar with a help of their cigar rollers that experts who trained and worked in Cuban cigar factories in Cuba.  The cigar products release by Warped Cigars also well known as a Cuba fashion with a luxury blend.

For the beginning of the collaboration between Warped Cigars and Cornell & Diehl, the production of The Haunting is limited to 2,000 tins.


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