The Premium of Peterson Standard System Pipe

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Peterson pipe recognized has a special advantage on the tobacco pipe technology.  It has what they called as a system of air flow and combustion in the pipe chamber and also some arrangement in the shank of the pipe.

The original patent for the Peterson pipe issued in United Kingdom and Ireland on August 8, 1890, featuring a small reservoir intended to collect moisture before it reaches the smoker.

The ‘System Pipe’ makes for a cool smoke that minimizes tongue bite, the bane of every pipe smoker.

In 1898, another system from Peterson Pipe patented, that is what this day knowing as P-Lip or ‘Peterson-Lip’ mouthpiece.

This innovative designed to offset the inhaled smoke to the roof of the mouth, and avoiding tongue bite.

The famous P-Lip stem incorporated into the system of the mouthpiece directs the smoke flow through a small hole at the top of the stem (at the button) to the roof of the mouth.

The facts are not all of pipe smoker like the P-Lip system.  The main criticism said that being that in directing the smoke to the top or roof of the mouth, this can become tender and sore after a while through the concentration of hot smoke.

Another aspect is to clean the pipe also not a simple as to clean smoke channel on the ordinary pipes. But Peterson’s pipe is a standard with the system to provide the smokers more pleasure.

The bore in the mouthpiece makes the suction applied by the smoker weaker by the time it reaches the pipe chamber, and it makes the moisture flows into the reservoir and it cannot reach the smoker mouth.

To support the P-Lip system, the mouthpiece of Peterson’s pipe made from the material of Vulcanite.

Peterson Pipe P Lip System

In the Peterson’s pipe there is an extension in the tenon on the stem, the tip of which will pass by the draft hole from the bowl and into the sump.

When the smoker drawing in smoke, this extension then directs the smoke down and around the sump to dispense a lot of moisture before the smoke goes to the extension and stem. Any moisture that arises because of the smoking process will be removing by the stem itself.

There is a small draft hole entrance at the extension which will open out rapidly and then closes back down near the bit. That system will be holding any moisture before the smoke entering the smoker mouth.

The Kapp brothers, George and Frederick originally immigrated to Great Britain from Nuremburg in Bavaria. They rest appear in the London trade directories in 1866, when they are listed as Meerschaum pipe makers of 98 Dean Street, Soho, London.

Peterson Pipe

They then parted company in 1869 and established their own pipe shops independently of each other.

At some time around 1874 Fredrick moved to Dublin. While brother George remained in London until his death 5 years later. Fredrick and his young family settled in the Rathmines district of Dublin. In July of the same year he opened a new shop in 53 Grafton Street selling Briar and Meerschaum pipes.

Around 1876 Charles Peterson, a young, newly arrived, Latvian immigrant was hired by Fredrick as a pipe craftsman, primarily to make custom ordered briar pipes. However Fredrick had not long to live and died in 1881.

Exactly one year later Fredrick’s widow also died. The business was then inherited by their 10 and 12 year old sons and was renamed Kapp Brothers after executors were appointed.

Charles Peterson by then was the lead craftsman and managed the business on behalf of Fredrick and his wife’s executors until the boys came of age. When the Kapp brothers did eventually come of age, Alfred and Charles Peterson bought out Christian’s shareholding and renamed the business Kapp & Peterson.

Christian chose to become a Doctor and moved to England.

Charles Christopher Peterson: Born 4th March 1852 – Riga, Latvia. Died 11th September 1919- Hamburg, Germany. His name still famous on the name of quality tobacco pipes that he created.

The Tom Palmer Modern Era of Pipe Production. 1990  Present

When Tom Palmer bough the Peterson business at the beginning of 1990s, he adopted the policy of if it aint broke dont fix it. Basically sticking wisely to what the business had historically been famous for, good quality, value for money, popular, classic pipes.  He did not want to changes drastically the 120 years tradition of the company.

Until the present day, Peterson’s pipe still exists in the market as a prime quality tobacco pipe. The productions of Peterson pipes are still continue and annually introduce new issues and remove the older ones.  Now Peterson’s pipe release with a nomenclature in line with four simple qualitative groups criteria. The group have a meaning, for example with Group 1 being the highest in qualitative and monetary value terms, the others then in descending order of quality. Costs, etc. Even though, Peterson still keeps in line to maintain their reputation in the business.

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