The Reasons for Smoking ?

Smoking is indeed an important activity for smokers. However, it is different from non-smokers who consider it useless. The question is what makes people want to smoke? The answer must be varied according to the culture and the social environment of individuals. To answer that question, here are the general answers put forward by smokers.

Woman Smoking
Young women exhale smoking (image: Pinterest)
  • Reducing nervous tension and relieving fatigue

According to research, substances in tobacco are believed to stabilize mental conditions. For example, during the era of World War I. World war definitely caused stress for the people in the involved country.

Most of the people escaped from the condition by smoking, and it was proven to make them more relax. Additionally, smoking cigarette can relieve fatigue since the organs in the body relax due to massive respiratory regulation patterns when smoking.

  • Loosens you joints and gives you a sense of relief

It turns out that smoking can loosen your joints and gives you a sense of relief. Why is that? According to research at the University of Adelaide, Australia, the nicotine content in cigarettes helps to maintain the joints and its muscles. Thus, smoking will avoid joint problems. Smoking also creates a sense of relief because the supply of nicotine needs.

  • A friend to contemplate

There is a saying, “Motion affects emotion”. When you have nothing to do, you may feel bored, sad or other negative emotions. Smokers face this kind of situation by smoking. Cigarette is indeed a friend to contemplate for smokers. It is also believed to be a friend for seeking inspiration and ideas in the deep solitude of the smokers.

  • Activity Friends

Smoking will be more enjoyable while doing something. The most common thing to do is smoking while finishing task or while playing games.

  • To substitute meals

Smoking instead of eating? That is the reasons which are mostly conveyed by the smokers. In fact, this has been done for long ago by American Indian tribes. According to many sources, they were able to survive the long trek for 3 days with minimal supplies and a large amount of tobacco. The tobacco would later be chewed or smoked as cigarettes.

  • Smoking to mingle

Some smokers start their smoking habits by hanging out with their peers. From an attitude of solidarity, there is a growing desire to smoke to reach a level of intimacy. It turns out that smoking also fosters communication because smokers will usually offer their cigarettes even to people they do not know so well. From the offer, communication and familiarity will be usually established.

Above are the reasons why people smoking in general. There are still many other reasons such as smoking to preserve culture, or smoking as a form of appreciation for the planting of the motherland. In conclusion, the reasons above are positive reasons to establish a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment.


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