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Pall Mall Transformation

A Brief History

Pall Mall Cigarettes is one of the cigarettes made by machine from the cigarette company R.J. Reynolds. This brand also becomes the brand with the most sales than Camel and Newport.

In the United States alone, Pall Mall is one of the five top five cigarette brands that have succeeded in leading the market.

In 1994, Pall Mall was bought by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, part of the company of British American Tobacco (BAT). Under this company, Pall Mall turned into a delicious cigarette at an affordable price.

Pall Mall Cigarette Vintage
Pall Mall cigarette ad from the 18 Aug. 1918 New York Tribune. (image: Wikipedia)

Pall Mall Cigarettes History

If you have been to London, have you heard of Pall Mall Road? If so, this cigarette brand is indeed taken from the name of the street in London.

The road, known for having been inhabited and visited by high-class citizens. On this street also used to be a popular football game in the 17th century, Paille-Maille.

Pall Mall cigarettes experienced a several changes in terms of its company ownership. Initially, in 1899, this cigarette was launched by the Black Butler Company. At that time, hand-rolled cigarettes were targeted to upper-class economic circles with premium quality.

Pall Mall History
image: Wikipedia

In 1907, this brand was bought by American Tobacco. Various experiments on changes from packaging design to cigarette size were carried out. After 32 years, they finally issued a cigarette with a size of 8.5 mm.

This measure is the standard for all cigarette brands in the world. The cigarettes produced are also denser and easier to smoke.

In addition to physical changes, Brown & Williamson also changed the brand image that was for the upper-middle class into a smoker’s product for financially limited.

In 2001, Pall Mall came with a filter at the end with many color variants such as red, blue and light blue. Cigarettes with filters sell better than those without filters.

Finally, Brown & Williamson united with R.J. Reynolds. But in the hands of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Pall Mall retains the unfiltered cigarettes.

It has been explained that Pall Mall has various ‘color’ variants. What do you think is the difference between these colors? Does it affect the taste? Sensation? Or..? Read below about Pall Mall color variants.

Pallmall Cigarettes
image: Flickr

Pall Mall Cigarette Variations

Pall Mall Non-Filter
Pall Mall’s first product is an unfiltered cigarette launched since 1899. Because there is no filter, the amount of tobacco in one cigarette is higher. It has a king-size yet the space for the filter is used for the tobacco. The nicotine content in a non-filter Pall Mall cigarette is 1.7 mg, while the tobacco residue is 18 mg.

The sensation given by the original cigarette is quite strong and there is a sweet taste even though there is no clove. This cigarette also makes throat-hits more tangible due to the absence of filters.

Pall Mall Red
A Red variant was officially sold by Brown & Williamson in 2001. Unlike the first Pall Mall cigarette, the Red variant is a cigarette with a filter made by machine. Even though, the tobacco concoction is still the same. The red color on the cigarette packaging symbolizes that.

In one package there are 20 sticks, each of which consists of 0.9 mg of nicotine and 12 mg of tobacco residue. For its taste, the Red variant gives a smoother throat-hit feeling than the first variant. Not only that, but Red has enough aroma even though there is no clove.

Pall Mall Blue
The next variant is Blue, this variant was introduced in the same year as Red, 2001. This cigarette has a slightly longer filter and somewhat lighter. The smoke produced is also not as thick as the Red variant.

As with other variants, the number of sticks in one package is 20. In each cigarette, there is 0.8 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tobacco residue. Even though they both have a pretty sweet taste without tobacco, the throat-hit effect is smoother and even less noticeable.

Pall Mall Orange
The Orange Variant from Pall Mall is an ultra-light cigarette which has a lower substance content. It contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tobacco residue. Because it is an ultra-light cigarette, the flavor given is very thin and does not feel a throat hit.

Released in 2001, initially, the Orange was light blue. Because the color is similar to the light variant and makes buyers confused, British American Tobacco changed it to Orange in 2007.

Pall Mall Green
Besides introducing the previous three-color variants in 2001, Brown & Williamson also released a menthol variant in green packaging. A Cigarette rolled in this variant is not as dense as non-menthol cigarettes.

The aroma of menthol in Pall Mall Green is quite dominating until the tobacco taste is not strong. There are 20 sticks in one package and each stem has a nicotine content and tobacco residues of 0.9 and 10 mg.

Pall Mall Black
In 2012, Pall Mall Green was developed into a new variant, namely Black. Variants with full flavor blend are menthol cigarettes whose aroma and cold sensation are stronger. The sensation of menthol can be felt both on the outside of the filter as well. The pleasure of menthol will be felt on the lips too, not only in the aroma.

In one package there are 20 sticks, each of which consists of 0.9 mg of nicotine and 12 mg of tobacco residue.

Pall Mall White
Cold but not too cold, that’s the sensation that will be given by this White variant. There is a soft menthol flavor on this cigarette, on the outside of the filter. The tobacco mixture in this cigarette is the same as the Orange and Ultra Light variants.

In the number of stems on one pack is still the same, which is 20. Each stem contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tobacco residue.

Pall Mall Filters

Pall Mall’s Fun Facts

  1. Becoming the Cigarette Size Standard
    It has been mentioned above that the size of the king-size Pall Mall (85mm) is the standard size for other cigarettes.Aside from the king-size, in 1966, Pall Mall also produced cigarettes in 100 mm size.The change of measure was carried out to rival Winston who at that time continued to seize the top position.

    However, the strategy was not very successful. In 2001 during rebranding, the size was changed to 85 mm again.

  2. Pronunciation Mistake due Pall Mall’s Name
    When we see the words ‘Pall Mall’, surely we will pronounce it as /pal/ /mal/. However, it was not like that pronunciation.This pronunciation problem also even occurs in his home country of the United States.The correct mention is /pell/ /mell/.In the 1950s to 1960s, Pall Mall’s pronunciation was correct when advertised on television and radio.

    However, because of the increasingly stringent cigarette advertisements in the United States in 1970, people mentioned it in accordance with the writing. Continue until now.

  3. Controversial Misunderstood Promotion
    In 2000, British American Tobacco conducted a series of promotions in Indonesia. However, before the series of events was over, the BAT company got a lawsuit from thirteen non-governmental organizations on October 2, 2000.They were considered to be promoting pornography and violating norms. Thirteen institutions in Indonesia demanded that BAT should stop the series of promotions with the threat of demanding the revocation of the Pall Mall cigarette trade permit.

    There was a misunderstanding that occurred when Indonesian people thought they arranged a naked stripping contest to get a prize.Then BAT clarified that the contest was to remove accessories, not the participants’ clothes.As to the uproar issue, BAT apologized and promised to stop such promotions. This misunderstanding had an impact on Pall Mall sales.

Isn’t it interesting to know the journey of Pall Mall cigarettes? From the ownership companies, various variants, to astonishing facts? To read other informative articles, please blithely continue surfing on the website.


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  1. I enjoyed this report on Pall Mall. I have been smoking Pall Mall since 1958. Unfortunately there seems to be a great difficulty in buying the non-filter Pall Mall cigarettes here in California (in addition to the horrible price we pay in tax). For that reason I am crying over this story. I hope that I can find a reliable source for Pall Mall Classic Non-Filter soon.


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