This Festival Encourages Children to Smoke!

Every country, nation or ethnicity has their own tradition which is regularly held at a certain moment. Any kind of tradition is made usually to give a reaction of any event that occur in a certain place.

In Vale de Salgueiro village, Portugal, there is a unique tradition namely the King’s Feast. It is a kind of epiphany celebration which Christians always do around the globe. What makes this celebration unique is its smoking tradition.

Damn kid, how does it feel?

Upon the celebration, the elder and parents encourage their kids to smoke! Holy smoke! It's true! It is not a rare sight for Vale de Salgueiro's villager to see their children smoking cigarette.

This festival indeed is the most happiest festival because all people that celebrate this tradition can taste cigarette without any jealousy among them.

Ah, the warmness of family

This festival also claimed as the one that can strengthen the bond of their family. As this picture portrays that even children can light up their parent's cigarette which is hard to find anywhere around the world.

Mmm.. Smokey!

The locals said that this tradition has been regulated since a century ago. Locals admit that the purpose of smoking itself is unknown but they thought that the smoking tradition is a kind of symbolism to celebrating children advancement into adolescent phase.

How she inhales that?

But children is forbidden to smoke. It is not because of inappropriate matters, but it's health matters. Children who smoke tends to have their growth slower. It is of course very risky for their physical development. But however, tradition is sacred.

The only one who can revise it is the locals themselves. Eventhough it's dangerous, I do respect what they do in the celebration and also I am fully happy to hear that it is to celebrate their first step into adolescent.


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