Be Consistent to Quit Smoking

If you have succeeded in reducing your cigarette consumption as well as changing your smoking habit pattern, you may want consider completely quit smoking.

We are now at the third part of Here are some tips you can do to make yourself consistent in quit smoking.

Stick with your commitment in quitting smoking.


Keep discipline with your own rule regarding your intention of quitting smoking. There might be times when you feel days without cigarettes are tough and you can’t endure it again.

That’s normal; you are learning to avoid the habit that is closely related to your daily life. Once you relapse, remember again the reason why you start.

Keep implementing the rules, rewards and consequences you’ve made, and always try to stick with it. Quit smoking requires persistence, patience, and consistency.

Quitting Smoking

Change Your Nicotine Intake

There are a lot of reasons why people want to quit smoking. Some of them want to completely cut their nicotine consumption; some others only intend to stop the act of smoking.

Which side are you? If you are the second type, you may want to have some alternative to get your nicotine intake such as NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy and e-cigarettes.

NRT includes nicotine inhalers, oral medications, patches, and gums which function to deliver nicotine without having the act of smoking.

If you are still actively smoking (in this case, you only reduce your smoking pattern, not completely quit smoking), NRT is not the good alternative for you as they can cause such a toxic increase in nicotine levels.

Another alternative, you may want to shift your traditional cigarettes into the electronic ones, try e-cigarettes.

The residue of e-cigs is vapor instead of smoke, and some people think that e-cigs are healthier than traditional cigarette. This caution still cannot be proven as it is only provided by limited researches and data.

Manage your stress.


Stress is a common trigger why someone starts smoking. If you are going to stop smoking, it means you have to find other ways to manage your stress. Since stress is inevitable, you need to setting up some coping mechanism for it.

When you feel stress out and need something to relax you, try replacing smoking with one of the following: stretching for 10 minutes, doing small walk around the house, meditating, conversing with friends, exercising, or even watching some funny videos.

Besides, you also can seek help from a therapist. They will help you to overcome the issue and stress. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you learn to deal with stress and make feel more confident about quitting smoking.

Get support from your closest ones.

You have to be open to people around you regarding your intention of quitting smoking. It will really help you in working this goal as they can give you a good social support and help you to reduce your nicotine intake.

Those are some tips you can do to be consistent to do your goal in quitting smoking. Hopefully it can be useful for you.

Are you in? How is your progress? You can share your story regarding your quit smoking experience in the comment section below.


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