Tobacco Leafs from Jember


Jember is regency in East Java that knowing with a reputation of best quality tobacco. There is Bobbin Industrial Estate in Jember (Jelbuk village) the place for utilize tobacco leafs, including a cigar industry. Bobbin running under control of the State Owned Nusantara Plantation Company Limited No. 10, or PTPN X.

Tobacco leafs from Jember uses both for a filler, binder and wrapper of cigars. There are tree unit of industries in Bobbin Industrial Estate, for cutting the tobacco leafs, rolling a cigarillos, and grading a Brazil tobacco. Not all of tobacco leafs used in this industry coming from a local cultivates, there are also some imported tobacco leafs.

The industry also got a special policy from the government, tax free area. Tobacco leafs from Jember exported to some countries, i.e.; Germany, Russia, China, and others European countries.

Most of tobacco leafs from Jember is in the category ‘Na Oogs’ or Na’us variety or locally called as BNO, same type with the tobacco leafs from Besuki. Most of Cuban businessman who’s visit Jember called as “La tierra prometadora” or promise land. They are coming to Jember to hunting a best quality aged tobacco leafs for their cigar products.

The BNO tobacco leafs knowing as the best one because of the taste, the color and the elasticity. Since the cultivation controlled by the Dutch, the tobacco exported to Germany.  The tobacco uses as a filler, binder and wrapper of prime quality cigar.

According to the history, Jember tobacco firstly planting by George Bernie two centuries ago. With his company N.V. Landbauw Maatshcappij Oud Djember (LMOD) he got a permission to use the land for 75 years.

He planted a BNO tobacco seed or Besuki Na Oogs. Nowadays the plantation running by the State Owned Nusantara Plantation Company Limited (PTPN).  Today there are many brand of tobacco leaf from Jember, among others are Bali Janger, Bali Legong, Candeza Long Premium, etc.

Beside BNO variety, in Jember they also planting the other variety; Voor Oogs or VO, locally called as “Kasturi” tobacco. The plantation spreading around Jember to neighbor village Bondowoso.

Beside uses for cigar, Kasturi tobacco leaf that also by the cigarette industries called as “Krosok” tobacco, used for making ‘Kretek’ cigarette.

The Kasturi tobacco leaf distribute to local cigarette Kretek industries like; Gudang Garam, Djarum, Sampoerna, etc.

For the Cigar, PTPN X also produce some brands of cigar; Argopuros 1, Argopuros 5, Argopuros Kt.24, Cardinal AG1, Cardinal AG5, Bali Djanger, Gold Medal Djanger, Bali Legong, Gold Medal Legong, Bali Tip, Bali Puri, Bali Stupa, Fans, Golf, Vanilla, Clove, Cadenza Ekspresso, Cadenza Robusto, and Kotak Robusto.  PTPN X marketed their product mostly to Europe.


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