Tobacco Pipe History

The History of Tobacco Pipes

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Tobacco pipe history – A tobacco pipe is a certain tool that is made to smoke. So, you are able to smoke not only with cigarettes but also this pipe.

The pipe consists of a bowl for the place of tobacco from a stem or material formed into a place of tobacco holder and given a channel for the place where cigarette smoke comes out.

Various types of tobacco pipes have been used by humans since ancient times. Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian who lived in the fifth century BC noted that Scythians people had smoked burnt leaves since 500 years BC.

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In several original American cultures, smoking tobacco in a pipe had been done long before the arrival of Europeans.

Tobacco was introduced from the States to Europe in the 16th century and spread around the world.

Tobacco pipes were introduced by the origin of the cigarette itself, which is Indian tribes from the American continent.

At the first time, tobacco was directly put into a pipe that has a small bowl in the edge. Tobacco is not rolled like today’s cigarettes.

Pipe Smoking Tips
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The Functions of Tobacco Pipes

The basic function of a tobacco pipe is giving a safe volume to imperfectly burn tobacco while letting the smoke drawn from the burning cool enough to be inhaled by smokers.

The pipe uses a fire-proof bowl in order to be able to burn tobacco comfortably and safely.

The Materials of Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco pipes are mostly made from wood materials. But nowadays, it is made from various materials, such as animals’ horns and elephants’ ivory.

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In other countries, tobacco pipes are made from meerschaum woods, clay, or corncob. There are also the ones which are made from rare materials such as oak woods, maple woods, olive woods, cherry woods, and mesquite woods.

Tobacco pipes are also able to be decorated with carvings. For clay pipes, they are formed with molds that have carved patterns or decorations.

The Benefits of Tobacco Pipes

There are some benefits of tobacco pipes, including:

  1. Filtering tobacco so that it is lighter to be inhaled by smokers. This way, the nicotine contained in tobacco is not as much as in cigarettes.
  2. Reducing the fire heat from the smokers’ lips.
  3. The smokers’ lips will not quickly turn to black just like when they are smoking cigarette. It is because of the length of the pipe.

That is the tobacco pipe history.



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