Tobacco Pipe Smoking

How to: Tobacco Pipe Smoking

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Tobacco pipe smoking is one of the ways to enjoy tobacco. However, smoking with a tobacco pipe is a way to get a fun and different experience of smoking, not an alternative to smoke in a safer way.

Because the health risk is the same as you are smoking a cigarette or less decreased. For you who want to try pipe smoking for the first time, here are the steps.

Find the Suitable Pipe for You

Spare some of your time to find a suitable pipe for you in the store. Find the one that is comfortable to use. If you know nothing about pipes, you are able to ask the shopkeepers for some recommendations.

But the lightweight pipes are usually comfortable to use. Or you are able to choose a corncob pipe. This type of pipe is suitable for a beginner. Moreover, the price is affordable.

Do not hesitate to ask the shopkeepers about the pros and cons of each pipe you are interested to buy.

Prepare the Tools

When you want to smoke with a pipe, you need other things besides the pipe.

First, you will need a lighter. It will be better if you use a lighter that is specifically designed for tobacco pipes. The lighters are available at various prices.

The second is a pipe cleaner that is used to keep your pipe clean. So that it can function for a long time.

Third, you will need a tamper. This tool is used to tamp tobacco in the bowl of the pipe.

Choose Tobacco

The next is choosing tobacco for your pipe. Most beginners love light and sweet tobacco, so that you are able to choose the aromatic blend tobacco. The non-aromatic blend tobacco such as English blend has a strong taste.

However, all kinds of tobacco have been through the Cavendish process so that they are sweeter and light. If it is possible, buy 2 to 3 sample cans of tobacco so that you are able to taste various options. You also need to choose tobacco cuts.

The most popular ones are ribbon cut tobacco and flake cut tobacco.

Pipe Smoking

If you are smoking with Biar pipe, smoke inside a room, away from people. It is because even soft breezes can make the Biar pipe becomes hotter.

So that it can damage the Biar pipe. Moreover, do not forget to clean the pipe before and after using it. Those are the ways for tobacco pipe smoking.


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