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The Art of Smoking Tobacco Pipe

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There are some ways to smoke a tobacco cigarette and one of them is using a tobacco pipe. For some smokers, tobacco pipe smoking gives a great sensation than ordinary cigarette smoking.

If you want to know more about tobacco pipe smoking, just read this article. You will get a better understanding of this smoking method and everything you want to know related to tobacco cigarette.

Tobacco Pipe Smoking

The Term of Tobacco Pipe Smoking

The basic thing you must know before using a tobacco pipe is finding out what is tobacco pipe smoking.

A tobacco pipe is a tool to smoke a tobacco cigarette. It consists of two main parts which are the chamber or the bowl and the bit.

The bowl or chamber is a place to put the tobacco whereas the bit is the part for the mouth. You can find a hand-made or machine-made pipe in the market.

Interestingly, the price is various and some of them, especially the historical one are expensive. Even, some of the smokers by tobacco pipes for collection.

It is believed that tobacco pipe history was started by the Native American. It was a culture where people love to smoke by using a pipe.


Even, they have a specific ceremonial pipe and use it to smoke tobacco in specific events.

Smoking with a pipe is also a tradition for the American Indian and they use to socialize of each other. Originally, tobacco pipe is from South American and spread into the North of America.

The Detail of a Tobacco Pipe

If you think that a tobacco pipe is the same, you are wrong. Actually, you can differentiate a tobacco pipe based on the materials.

Briar Tobacco Pipe
Briar Tobacco Pipe

Briar Tobacco Pipe

There is a pipe known as a Briar tobacco pipe. It is called Briar tobacco pipe because it is made of Briarwood. This type of pipe is easy to find in the market and becomes the most popular product.

The pipe is made of the root of the Erica Arborea tree. This tree is commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of the condition of the growing area, Briar tobacco pipe is durable, breathable, and heat resistant.

Smokers choose to use this pipe because it is able to absorb the heat and oil from the burning tobacco perfectly because of its porous texture.

Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe

Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe

Corn cob tobacco pipe is considered as an affordable type of pipe. This is because the pipe is made of a dry cob of corn. Then, the crafter drills out the center and attaches a stem.

Indeed, smokers find this pipe because of its affordable price and easy to maintain.

Meerschaum Tobacco Pipe


It is an expensive tobacco pipe due to the material. The main material is known as Meerschaum and it is only found in Turkey near the Black Sea.

Meerschaum is chosen because this material is easy to carve. Because of that, most of Meerschaum pipes have an interesting design along with smooth, cool, and lightweight.


The Ingredients of Tobacco Pipe

Some people, especially the beginner smokers often ask about the tobacco pipe ingredients.

Generally, the ingredients of a tobacco pipe are dried tobacco. The dried tobacco is treated carefully and blended to get the best flavor.

Commonly, the manufacturer is blending the dried tobacco to find a new flavor that not available yet in other tobacco products. The flavor is different and it depends on the ingredients used.

There is pipe tobacco which made from cured Burley and Virginia tobacco. This type of pipe tobacco has a spicy flavor. There is also pipe tobacco made from Oriental or Balkan, Latakia, and Perique.

Some of the products are mixed with sweeteners and flavors to create a more aromatic flavor. Most of the flavor of the pipe tobacco is mild than cigarette tobacco.

Commonly, the texture is moister. To keep the quality, you must put the tobacco in the right place.

You need to prepare an airtight container such as a canning jar or sealed tin. The main purpose is to keep the tobacco dry.

The Way to Smoke Tobacco Pipe

There is also a specific way to smoke pipe tobacco. Tobacco pipe smoking is not only inhaled the smoke. Unlike cigarette smoking, you just need to bring the smoke into the mouth.

Then, you pumped out the oral and nasal cavities so you can absorb the nicotine toward the brain.

How To Smoke Pipe Tobacco
image: Flagler Cigar Company

When you finish smoking the tobacco pipe, you have to clean the ash and the last bit of the unburned tobacco.

The ash is known as Dottie and you need to use a specific pipe tool to clean it named a bristle pipe cleaner.

Commonly, this tool is moistened with strong spirits. The tool is used to clean the airways of the stem and remove any ash or other residues. Just make sure that the pipe is already cool before cleaning it.

You have to clean the pipe anytime after you use it to smoke. If the ash is too thick, it can crack the bowl. Indeed, this is an important and basic pipe smoking for beginner.


Pipe Smoking Steps and Tips

It looks easy to use a tobacco pipe but you need to learn about the right pipe smoking. Here, you will learn the steps and pipe smoking tips to get the best sensation.

First, you have to fill up the pipe with tobacco. Don’t forget to press the tobacco lightly down and make sure that it is filled halfway from the bottom.

Second, when it is full and firm enough, you can start to put the pipe to your mouth. The purpose is to test the air flow and determine whether it is too tight or light.

Third, start to light the pipe. In this case, you need to use a wooden match or pipe lighter. Fourth, enjoy the sensation and smoke it slowly.

Sometimes, you need to spend up to 20 minutes to smoke pipe tobacco.

It is true that there is still pro and con related to the pipe smoking health. The compounds of the ingredients might trigger a variety of diseases.

Despite the health aspect, smoking tobacco pipe is an artistic thing for some people. Even, they do it for prestige.


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