Tobacco Plantation In Indonesia

Indonesia in the tobacco community also well known as a major producers of quality tobacco leafs, said that Deli tobacco or Sumatra tobacco, and then Jember, Besuki tobacco that most of buyers uses for blending cigars.

At least in Indonesia there are five area that has a tobacco cultivation each with a specific character type of tobacco.

The area that produced a high quality tobacco in Indonesia is;


Small town in Central Java is a high ground that geographically located from the slope of Sumbing Mountain to the area of Sindoro Mountain. People said the area is a heaven for tobacco cultivation.

The tobacco that excellent from Temanggung area called as “Srintil” tobacco.  It has a good quality and good flavor.


Tobacco from this area already well known by the tobacco businessman especially from Europe. Tobacco is one of the major commodities for Deli regency, according to a book writer Karl J. Pelzer who’s wrote a book with a title “Toean Keboen dan Petani” or “Master of Plantation and the Farmer” (1976) called Deli as ‘Dollar Land’.

Climate and type of soil in Deli mixed with a good tobacco seed it produce a best quality tobacco and good taste and aroma. According to the international buyer, Deli tobacco is much recommended for cigar wrapper.

Lombok Island

Beside a beautiful panorama, Lombok Island also fertile for agriculture, including for tobacco cultivation. In the harvest seasons the field looks green by tobacco leafs.

Among some variety of tobacco leaf, that is one type that very famous and looking by a cigarette kretek factory that is “Tembakau Senang” – in English is “Senang Tobacco”, because the tobacco grows at the village name Senang.

This tobacco is very aromatic ivory color when dried; well grow at Senang Village, Suntalangu regency, East Lombok.


Jember already weel known as the producer of quality tobacco leafs in Indonesia.  Variety of tobacco planting in this area is BNO or Besuki Na-Oogst that uses to blending a cigar, both for filler, binder and wrapper.

Beside has a specific aroma, it also has a good elasticity character that very suitable for cigar wrapper. That is why this tobacco is very famous internationally.

Madura Island

Pamekasan district is the area that producing the biggest tobacco at the Madura Island. The plantation area approximately 31,251 hectare spreading at 13 regencies.

Most of the tobacco leafs from Madura bought by cigarette factory as a main material for cigarette or for blending a cigarette Kretek.

Madura Island also well known as producers of “Campalok” tobacco, this is a very rare tobacco leaf and the farm also very small, consist of two block small block of plantation forming “U” letter, every season of harvesting thet is only got 7 kliograms of tobacco leafs.

The plantation located at Jembengan Village of Bakeong, Guluk-Guluk District, Sumenep, Madura Island.


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